Roll off Container Rental for Winter Home Improvement

Why not spruce up the place while you’re cooped up inside this winter?

Now that we’re rapidly heading for the shortest day of the year, winter feels in full swing. Winter home improvement projects are a great way to stay active in the dark winter months, and they will make your home even more warm and inviting during the rest of the winter and coming spring. Of course, R&R Containers is here to help with all your roll off container rental needs!

Broadly speaking, we can look at winter home improvement projects through two categories – those that improve efficiency and those that improve livability. Some would say that all of the efficiency upgrades should be done before winter begins, but it’s never too late to start saving money!

R&R Containers is your source for roll off container rental for winter home improvement

Home improvement projects to boost efficiency

Science never stops making things more efficient. When it comes to home improvements, there are a dizzying array of options for making your home more green. Some of them, however, are best left for the spring. So, what efficiency minded projects are a good fit for winter time?

Seal up the cracks – any gap big enough to see light through means you’re losing money. Use weatherstripping, caulking, plaster, or another appropriate material to make sure your home is airtight.

Add insulation – the most obvious candidate for insulation is the attic, but don’t forget about crawl spaces, and places like your attic door and water heater.

Making your home more livable

Since you’re trapped inside anyway, why not take on a project to improve your interior space, like new carpet? What about any renovations you might be putting off, like a bathroom? There will be plenty of time in the spring for things landscaping and painting your home’s exterior. Why not use the colder months to make the insides shine?

Whether your project needs just some junk hauling service or a 15 yard roll off container rental, look no further than R&R Containers. Call today for a quote!

Roll Off Container Rental Services from R&R Containers

At R&R, Roll Off Container Rental Services are our Bread and Butter

Family owned and operated in Acworth, GA since 1999, R&R Containers is your source for fast, friendly roll off container rental services.

We offer both twelve and fifteen cubic yard roll off containers. Worried that you won’t need that much room for your job? Don’t be. We’ll charge you only for the space you use.

Roll off container rental services in Acworth GA

Both our twelve and fifteen cubic yard containers offer side entry, which makes it easier when you’re bringing in heavy junk. Both container sizes are safe to place in your yard or on pavement, which means we can locate your container as close as possible to the clean up to make your job easier.

At R&R Containers, we keep our service area small. This allows us to be both fast and efficient. Fuel costs are huge in the hauling business; being close to our customers saves gas, and we pass that savings on to you!

We serve both residential and commercial customers, and every size project from a basement cleanup to a major construction site.

The process starts with a quick and easy over the phone estimate. We take calls seven days a week, and will deliver your roll off container promptly. Once it’s full or your cleanup is done, give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. We dispose of all your waste in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable ways possible.

Many big chain hauling companies will act as brokers for your container, and charge a middle-man’s price. Go direct to the source right in your neighborhood with R&R Containers. You’ll save money, and you’ll be supporting a local business.

Contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information about container services.

Junk Hauling Services in Acworth

At R&R containers, we want to be your first call when you’ve got junk.

Whether it’s an attic or basement cleanup, a remodel, or a moving or estate cleanup, we’re your locally owned and operated source for fast, friendly junk hauling services.

Junk hauling services - get that unsightly junk out of your life

We all know what a pain junk can be. Personally, it always bothers me when I see my neighbors leaving their junk out. In my neighborhood, some people seem to believe if they leave their junk out by their trash can, it will disappear. They must know the garbage man isn’t going to take anything that isn’t in the can, but they still do it.

Last week, my neighbor even leaned an old box spring up against his dumpster, like he was saying, “here, now you have to move this to get to the can, you might as well take it, right?” Well, lo and behold, trash day comes and goes, and he still has a full dumpster with a box spring leaned up against it. If only he’d gotten some professional junk hauling services!

Fast, friendly junk hauling services

Getting rid of unsightly, unwanted junk doesn’t have to be a chore. At R&R Containers, we offer free estimates, and over-the-phone quotes. We’re a small, local business and we keep our service area small, too. This means we save on fuel costs, and we pass that savings on to you! With R&R, you’ll never get hit with disposal costs or hidden fees. Once you say the word, your junk disappears!

From seasonal clean outs, to storm debris, to rental home clean ups, R&R has you covered! Got more than a little junk? We also offer twelve and fifteen cubic yard roll off containers, so we’ve got the perfect size service for every job.

Give us a call today to make that pile of junk a thing of the past!

Why Rent Your Roll-Off Container Locally?

For years we’ve heard talk of buying local.

Often, it’s little more than a marketing pitch – something stuck in between sale signs on a supermarket shelf. The reason we should buy local; however, runs a little deeper than the managers special on eggs. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider buying local, and how this applies specifically to the roll-off container business.

So, why is it beneficial to buy local?

It all comes down to community

Everyone knows that in order to be a good citizen of our democracy, we have to vote. Voting is often considered, in fact, to be the essential responsibility Americans have to the functioning of government, aside, perhaps, from paying taxes. But democracy is only a political system – really only half of the equation. What about economics? What about being a good citizen of a capitalist democracy?

Get your roll-off container rental locally and support your community

We don’t have to wait until we’re in the polling booth to cast our votes. We vote every day when we decide where to spend our money. Each dollar that goes to Walmart or Best Buy is a dollar that comes out of the pocket of a mom and pop retailer. Each dollar that goes to online shopping represents a loss to the local tax base. But so what? We’re saving money, so it’s worth it, right?

According to an infographic from, local retailers generate 70% more economic activity per square foot than big box stores. That graphic contains another particularly surprising statistic; if every American family spent $10 more a month at local businesses, over $9 billion would be directly returned to local economies across the nation.

How does this apply to the hauling business?

The town general store has long been seen as a victim of our changing economy. But beyond the so-called “retail apocalypse” are a whole host of other local businesses that have been hit hard by the trends corporate consolidation and globalization of the last 20 years. Hauling is no exception.

Transportation costs are a major part of many industries. In hauling; however, transportation essentially is the cost. The closer to home your roll-off container rental provider is, the lower the fuel costs and environmental impact are. At R&R containers, we keep our service area small, and pass the savings on to you!

When you order a roll-off container from a corporation or chain, oftentimes you’re not even in contact with the people who will actually be providing your container rental. Big corporations act as dealers, hiring someone else to do the job and lining their pockets by overcharging you. Go straight to the source with R&R containers.

Whether you need some minor junk hauling or a regular dumpster pickup, R&R is your local source. Support our Marietta community with your dollars – call today.

Roll Off Container Rental for Home Improvement

Low Housing Inventory a Boon for Home Improvement

Across the country, the number of single family residential homes for sale has dropped steadily over the past few years. Demand, meanwhile, has remained steady or even increased. This means that homes are selling faster, and for higher prices. However, it has also stimulated a boom in the home improvement market. According to the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies, Americans will spend $316 billion on home improvement projects in 2017. That’s an increase of almost $100 billion over 2009, at the height of the great recession. What does more home improvement mean? You guessed it — time for a roll off container rental!

Low inventory in the housing market causes spike in home improvement and demand for roll off container rental

So why has this drop in housing inventory triggered a trend of more Americans taking on home improvement projects? Experts have a few theories. Stephen Holmes, a Home Depot spokesman, believes that when people have more value in their homes, they’re more likely to drop the cash on improving them. Another reason is that more seniors are choosing to stay in their homes, and need to make repairs and upgrades rather than selling. Another study by the folks at Harvard found that around 75% of those age 80 and older still live in their own homes. Likewise, few baby boomers have plans to move out. According to a study by, 85% percent of baby boomers do not plan to sell their home within the next year. What all this means is that it’s a good time for home improvements, and that’s not changing any time soon!

Since low inventory has created a seller’s market, home improvements are also a great way to add value to your home if you’re planning on selling. We have a few posts here you can check out for some ideas on where you should focus your efforts to get the most bang for your buck.

Whether your project needs a 15 cubic yard container, a 12 yard, or junk hauling service, give us a call. We’ll take care of all your roll off container rental needs.

Roll off Container Rental Before Selling your Home: Seasonality and Other Considerations — Part 2

This post is part of a series on roll off container rentals and preparing your home for sale. If you haven’t already checked out part 1, I recommend doing so before continuing.


It’s a common belief that you can – or should – make upgrades to increase the sale price of your home. However, it’s worth taking this advice with a grain of salt. It’s easy to start sinking more time and money into upgrades than they’re really worth. That being said, what can you do to help make the best impression on a potential buyer?

Roll off container rental from R&R containers will help you boost your home's curb appeal

Cleanliness is King

Rent a roll off container or get some junk hauling services from R&R containers and get that yard cleaned out. Your front yard and the exterior of your home are the first thing potential buyers will see — and you won’t get a second chance at a first impression! It’s also a good idea to sterilize the space of your personal items — family photos, kitchy decorations, etc. You want people to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, and a bunch of photos of your kids are going to ruin that illusion for them.

Hit the High Traffic Areas

If you are going to sink some money into renovations or upgrades, the high traffic areas are the place to put that money. The kitchen is number one. In most markets, upgrades like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops will help your home command a premium price point. Keep R&R containers in mind if you need a roll off container rental for your project! It’s also important that any repairs or maintenance your home needs are done before you list it. Buyers generally don’t want to spend their time and money bringing a house up to snuff, and the little things could definitely come into play when it’s time for your home to be inspected.

At R&R containers, we know that when you’re selling your home, you’re under a good deal of pressure. Let us make the preparation a little easier on you with hassle-free, affordable, on-time roll off container rentals and junk hauling services. Give us a call today!