Fall Leaves and the Mighty Dumpster

Fall Leaves and the Mighty Dumpster to help you dispose of yard clean up.

One is orange
Two are brown
Three look yellow
Upon the ground
Four are green
More are red
One just fell
Upon my head – author unknown

Fall leaves and the mighty dumspter
Who doesn’t like the feel of fall? The promise of cool nights, hot chocolate, fires in the hearth, hearty soups and the holidays. Then you look out your window and realize leaves are everywhere but on the trees and what once offered much needed summer shade now looks like a lot of work. You could hire a landscaping company for $300 to $400.

The problem with hiring a professional company to do your yard cleanup isn’t necessarily the cost, it’s that it’s not a one time job. Leaves continue to fall for weeks and it can take several cleanups to keep your yard orderly. This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood with lots and lots of trees.

Or you could purchase the right tools, follow a few easy tips and get some much needed outdoor time for yourself and your family. Here is link to the 5 best rated leaf rakes.

Start by keeping your lawn cut shorter than normal. It’ll keep the neighbors leaves from getting stuck in your grass.

As you collect the leaves either with a rake or leaf blower, pile them on tarps. This is a great way to keep them contained and makes it easy to drag them to their final resting places. Just don’t leave the tarps sit too long on the grass.

Some cities require you dispose of your leaves in special bags. If so, pick up a leaf chute. They are designed to help you keep the bag propped open which makes it much easier to drop the leaves in either by funneling the tarp or scooping them with a rake.

And this is another great opportunity to involve your kids. If they are young you can make games out of leaf collecting. Who doesn’t like jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves? Don’t forget to use that tarp or you’ll be raking them up all over again. Have the kids pick out a dozen or so of their favorite leaves and put them aside. Later then can make fall placemats.

With the right tools and family help you can get the yard cleaned up in a few hours and have fun doing it.

If you need help hauling away the leaves don’t forget to contact the awesome staff at R & R Container Services. Prices that can’t be beat from a local service you can trust.

R & R Container Service honoring our Military this Veterans Day

R & R Container Service honoring our Military this Veterans Day. We understand without the women and men who serve, we would not have the freedom we enjoy today.

R & R Container Service will honor our Military this Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day for people to show their respects to those who have served. For one glorious day, please know that you are joined by so many around the world, who don’t spend their every waking moment living a military life, as you do. For one day, America bows their heads in awe of our veterans.

Originally, this holiday was called Armistice Day and was meant as a day of reflection for the heroism of those who died in the line of duty. On November 11th the Armistice was signed that ended World War I, thus giving the holiday it’s name, but in 1954, it was changed to Veterans Day in order to honor all veterans in all wars.

We see our brother veterans and young military members — our sons, daughters, grandchildren, husbands, wives and grandparents — and we can’t begin to image what they’ve been through in the name of our freedom. The depth of what they have witnessed is vast, and the appreciation we feel is deep.

Today, R & R Container takes the charge of Veterans Day to heart and is proud to honor America’s veterans for their service.

What are you doing this Veterans Day? Have you been taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather?

We think the answer is yes, because we have been extremely busy delivering and picking up roll-off containers during the month of October.

Our containers have been filled with construction debris, de-clutterings from basements, garages and attics, home improvement parts and tree trimmings. There definitely seems to be a lot happening in Acworth and the surrounding areas and we are grateful that you have chosen us to service all your hauling needs.

Have a blessed Veterans Day and for all who have served. Thank you!

I Speak for the Roll-off Container

I speak for the roll-off container to tell your where all your unwanted items and construction debris goes.

I Speak for the Roll-off Container

Have you ever wondered where all the things that you have tossed into your conveniently located roll-off container ended up? Most people don’t know, some probably don’t care and a few, who are still attached to items, might feel better about what I’m going to tell you. Of course, it depends on the city and the availability of recycling centers and landfills.

First, items can be recycled…

If it is an item that can’t be donated or reused and is made of recyclable materials it can be taken to a specific company. For example, if the roll-off container is filled with landscaping waste from a new home or from a storm clean up, many companies will take it to a place that will turn it into mulch to be re-sold. Or if the container is filled with old appliances or electronics, they can be hauled to stores who will properly dispose of the items after they have recycled any reusable parts.

Or taken to be reused to help someone in need…

Many roll-off container companies have liaisons with organizations such as the Salvation Army, Hospice, or Goodwill. Or maybe, you as a customer, have a personal preference? Let your container service know what you would like done with items you would like donated.

If you don’t have enough items to fill a roll-off container you can call these organizations directly to schedule a pick up. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Lastly, items are taken to a landfill…

Sometimes, there are no other options but to take a roll-off container to a dump or landfill. R & R Container Services is a licensed company which follows all the guidelines and rules by always disposing of items properly. Ask your roll-off container service about their “dumping policies”. If you find a company and there prices seem too good to be true chances are they might not be dumping on the “up and up”. You certainly wouldn’t want to get hit with extra fees or a penalty because your items were dumped illegally.

So, now you know what happens to items and debris that is tossed into a roll-off container and hauled away.
Since it does vary from one service to another, do your research, get reviews and recommendations so that you know you are hiring a reliable company.

Contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information about container dimensions or our hauling services.

Fall Projects and Perfect Roll-off Container Size

Fall projects and perfect roll-off container size to get everything ship shape before winter.

Fall projects and perfect roll-off container size

Fall has come to Georgia and the days are cool and beautiful.  The blasted summer heat has finally died down.   Days are starting to get shorter and the kids are getting excited about Halloween.  It’s also a countdown for all of those summer and fall home projects that need to be wrapped up before Old Man Winter comes to town.

If you’re hustling to finish projects before the last leaves hit the ground, R & R Container services can help in a number of ways. Keep working those weeknights and weekends and call R & R to rent a roll-off container that you can fill on your own.

container dimensions

12 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 feet tall and works great for:

  • Garage cleanouts
  • Basement or attic declutterings
  • Removal of single layer roof shingles
  • Old carpets or flooring
  • A rotting deck that needs to be hauled away
  • One room remodeling projects

15 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet tall and works great for:

  • Major home improvements
  • Construction on a new home
  • Complete home declutterings
  • Removal of a garage or outer buildings
  • Window and siding replacement of an average sized home

What are you working on this fall?  A new tree house for the kids?  Or maybe a new kitchen for the love of your life?  How about a new tool shed or maybe it’s time to replace the old windows and siding to keep the cold out and your heating bills down.

I remember my grandfather and my dad always started projects when cooler weather returned.  There was the smell of fresh paint, new wood or putty and lots of banging, clanking and sometimes words I was not supposed to hear.  But as a kid I loved to help and there was no better time to be outside, enjoying the fall air.

Don’t struggle with unfinished projects.  Get the kids, pick up the hammer or paint brush and head outside for some family time and glorious weather.

When it comes time to haul away the debris or unwanted items call R & R Container Services at 770-975-9554.  They love the fall and being apart of the Acworth community and all the home owners.

A Fallen Tree after a Storm

A fallen tree after a storm – is your insurance coverage up to date and how are you going to get rid of the debris?

Even though Matthew was downgraded to a category 1 on Saturday, its four-day rampage left a trail of destruction from Jacksonville, FL to Wilmington NC. Georgia’s coast fared better than others but still the cleanup continues from fallen trees and flooding miles and miles inland.
Have you ever had to clean up after a storm? Even a medium sized tree or branch can take down a power line or block a driveway. So, what do you do and who do you call?
A fallen tree after a storm
First, check your homeowners insurance. It is likely it will cover tree removal and any damage to your property.

However, if a tree falls due to neglect, you may not be eligible for coverage. Periodically, check any trees close to your house or outlying buildings and ask your neighbors to do the same.

Sometimes, if a fallen tree has not caused any damage your insurance will not pay for it to be removed. This is something you may want to address with your insurance company before that great pine is lying across your backyard.

If the tree falls into the street your city may clean up the debris. That doesn’t mean you can’t file a claim with your insurance company.
Ask your city who is responsible for removing the tree. The city might be responsible for removing only the portion that is in the street. The rest may fall on your shoulders and pocketbook.

Talk to your car insurance company. If the tree crushes your beloved Ford truck they will probably be your go to guy for covering the cost of damages. But again, that doesn’t mean your car insurance will pick up the tab for removing the tree from your vehicle and yard.

Each insurance carrier handles fallen trees differently. It all depends on your coverage limits and on the specifics of your policy. It’s a good idea to find out ahead of time what is and isn’t covered.

When it comes time to remove the tree, the owners and staff at R & R Container Services in Acworth GA are your “haul guys”. Their containers come in two sizes and are very affordable. You are only charged for the amount of debris in the container, not the size of the container.

The next time a tree falls in your back yard, call the reliable people at R & R Container Service to haul away the debris after you’ve worked out all the details with your insurance company.

Recycling or Incineration in Acworth, GA?

Recycling or incineration in Acworth, GA to to help solve our garbage issues.

Hauling trash Acworth GA

Is recycling still a viable option? Not for many people in the US. In the last few years recycling has not gained any traction and for many cities it has started a downward slide and incineration of garbage is on the rise. Why? The two top reasons for both are cost and accessibility.

Communities are finding it is much more cost effective to burn garbage than to keep recycling centers open. But environmentalist are adamantly shaking their heads no!

With the new technology of waste-to-energy where garbage is burned to produce electric it seems like it would be a win-win for everyone concerned. Burning trash means less garbage for landfills plus a new source of electricity. So, what’s the problem?

Burning trash sends toxins like mercury and lead into the air. And even with all the EPA regulations and the modernization of newer plants, environmentalist don’t feel it’s enough.

On the flip side, landfills are by no means the ideal waste solution. The average person produces over 4 lbs. of garbage every day and there are 300 million people in the U.S. That is a lot of stinking garbage!

Plus, several landfills closed over the last 20 years as recycling became “the new rage” and waste-to-energy plants opened around the US.

But it seems the recycling fad of the 1990s is coming to an end, at least according to EPA statistics. Mostly, because it is just not profitable.

In fact some cities have done away with recycling altogether because they were running budgets into the ground.

So, now the cities are turning to trash incineration. It is cost effective and with recycling efforts on the downward slide and landfills bursting at the seams it seemed the obvious solution.

On a good note, the newer incineration plants will take certain recyclables out of the burn pile, at least metals and some plastics.

In a perfect world we would be able to incinerate burnable-safe trash and recycle glass and plastic to where it is all cost effective and environmentally friendly. For now, the EPA and waste management companies are doing what they can to keep trash from overtaking the country.

If you have a trash issue and need to rent a roll-off container contact R & R Service today. They are located in Acworth, GA and serve the surrounding areas.