Trash and Black Bears

Don’t pile trash that will attract a hungry black bear

Cartoon of a bear in a trash can

Trash piles can be a smorgasbord for hungry animals including GA’s black bear. Bears have been known to forgo their normal feeding grounds to hangout in areas where there is a steady flow of garbage either from overflowing trash containers or garbage cans with lids that don’t seal properly. What can you do? One of the first and most important things is to never leave food-trash were it is easily accessible.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, there is no way to keep the bears from wandering into your neighborhood but there are ways of discouraging them from staying.

Never feed a bear, whether intentionally or unintentionally. That means don’t feed pets on the porch, clean and store your outside grill after use and rethink the bird feeder.

Purchase “animal proof” garbage cans or better yet, keep your trash locked up in a shed or garage until the morning of trash pick-up.

If there is no food-trash for the bear to dine on they will move on to find a natural food source. It is not a good idea to connect humans and food where bears are concerned.

Most of the Georgia black bear population centers in Ocmulgee River, Okefenokee Swamp and North GA Mountains. However, that does not mean they won’t travel to other areas in search of food in the spring and early summer when food is scarce. Young male bears also travel outside of their known territory to establish their own area.

And even though the black bear is thought to be the most common bear in North America, Georgia’s Wildlife Action Plan has placed them high on their conservation list. In the 1930s they almost became extinct because of unregulated hunting and deforestation. The black bears population is now estimated around 5,000. That is a lot of bears looking for food right now!

If you are having a party or big event call R & R Container Services 770-975-9554 or visit to haul way all of your “food-trash” the same day. Let’s keep the bears in their natural state and our trash cans in their undamaged state.

Georgia Litter Bugs

It is one of R & R Containers biggest pet peeves – Georgia litter bugs!


Litter drastically affects the environment for years to come. So, before you uncaringly toss another cup or wrapper out the window or look the other way when someone else does, think about the impact it makes on our environment.

Litter on the ground comes in all types of plastic bags, cigarette butts, old tires, fast food bags, clothes, aluminum cans and glass bottles.

“Georgia’s Adopt-A-Highway Program enlists citizen volunteers’ help to remove litter from state roadsides. While saving taxpayer dollars, the program provides recognition for participating companies and organizations, brings the environmental and monetary costs of littering into public awareness, and promotes civic responsibility and pride. The volunteers of the Adopt-A-Highway program serve as visible reminders to the public that we are all stewards of the land. “

In 2001 the GA DOT maintenance crews picked up over 2 million bags of trash from highways and interstates. But it’s not just motorists causing roadside clutter. Commercial trucks are also responsible for the trash lining roadways from unsecured loads.

This spring starts the first phase of a two year 13. million GA DOT contract to clean up our roads. According to the Highway Department, this contract comes under new annual sustainable routine maintenance investment from the Transportation Funding Act (TFA) of 2015. (1)

And though this is great job security for the GA DOT it is not so promising for the thousands of wildlife, farm animals and pets injured every year from dumped trash.

Objects like rubber bands can be swallowed by birds and get caught around the necks of animals. Broken bottles can cause serious skin tears. Animals who crawl into plastic bags can smother or if the bags are ingested animals can choke.

Plus, trash is a health hazard. Rubber tires will leach toxins into the ground. Abandoned mattresses can grow mold and old food can grow bacteria and other viruses.

The bottom line, don’t be a litter bug! You don’t have to be a fanatic Green machine either. Keep a trash bag in your car and every time you stop for gas empty the bag in one of several conveniently placed trash cans around the pumps.

For larger items like tires, household appliances, mattresses and construction material call R & R Container Services at 770-975-9554. They can help you safely and in an environmentally friendly way dispose of unwanted items.

Fun with Trash

Fun with trash and links to awesome science projects

R & R Container Services strives to learn more and more about environmental education. We want to provide our community with tips and how tos for becoming “Green”. Recycling Facts and Trivia is a great way to educate yourself about the life cycle of trash. After all, we want to leave the world clean for future generations.

To recycle or not? It really isn’t a question.

According to Recycle Across America less than 10% of businesses and only 35% of household recycle. If that percentage s can be raised to 75% it would generate new jobs and greatly benefit our natural resources, economy and environment. To learn more about Recycling Facts click here.

The trash stops where?

So what happens to all your trash? Three things can happen. It can be recycles. It can be taken to a landfill. It can be composted. So, the next time you toss something into the trash can think about where it will end up and how long it will be there.

LeVar Burton, from Star Trek, and Reading Rainbow created a video to talk about the Life Cycle of Trash.

The Life Cycle of Your Reusable Trash Scientific American Blog Network

Enjoy these links to science project ideas. You never know when the next Einstein will be born!

Environmental Science Project Ideas


Environmental Science Fair Projects



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Clean Up Check List for your Construction Project

Clean up check list for your construction project – waste not want not.

house under construction.

architecture and home renovation concept – architect drawing on blueprint using flexible ruller

The construction phase of your project is completed. Now on to the next step…clean up.

This is probably the least favorite of any part of the project but it doesn’t make it any less important. Since roll off containers play a vital part in this area, R & R Container Services developed a construction cleanup checklist to help our clients tackle the job efficiently.

Always start at the top and work your way down. Clean ceiling fans, crown molding and tops of door frames that may harbor debris. A damp towel on top of a broomstick works great for those high-up places. And now would probably be a good time to dust out the cobwebs from ceilings and corners.

Use a broom to dust off walls. Follow with a damp cloth to clean off smudges or scuff marks that might have happened during the project.

A putty knife or straight edge razor is a good tool to clean off any paint or spackle from door hinges and handles. Take a minute to oil your door hinges and clean out any dirt that may have gotten stuck in the knuckles or sleeves.

Removed any stickers from new windows and clean them so they look as new as they are. Make sure you don’t miss the sills!

Take down the light fixtures and clean them. We always used this as a science project to see what bugs have accumulated in the globe in the last year.

Gather up all the last bits of trash that have been swept into the corners.

Thoroughly vacuum all flooring and floor board/molding, making sure you get into the corners and along the edges. Check for nails and staples!

Once the tools and trash have been taken out, clean hardwood or tiled floors. Remember that the heavy duty cleaning will be much more convenient while the room is empty of furnishings.

Remember that most of your construction waste can be tossed into a roll off container, so you’ll be able to get rid of all that mess at one time.

Contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information.

Request Special Trash Pick-up

Why would you need to request special trash pick-up?

special trash pickupSpecial trash is defined differently by each municipality around the country. The general understanding is trash that is too large to fit into a receptacle or that consists of hazardous chemicals that cannot be taken to a landfill.

Items that do not fit into a regular size trash bin require special trash pick up. These are items that can NOT be disposed of regularly do to size and material:

  • Air conditioners
  • Stoves
  • Dish washers
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Water heaters
  • Lawn mowers
  • Doors
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Televisions

Large trash items cannot always be lifted by the truck, or put into a standard truck compactor. These items may need to be lifted by two workers or may need to be loaded on a special truck and taken to a special dump or recycling center.

Special trash pick-up for chemicals is required by some municipalities.

There are many household items that have stickers and warning labels. These labels address safety for both the use and the disposal of the contents as well as the container. Landfills are responsible to avoid various levels of contamination depending on the anatomy of the landfill.

Tires: Tires require special trash pick-up or disposal no matter where you live!

The process of tire waste can be hazardous directly to the air and ground. Tires are extremely flammable. Tire fires cause severe air pollution. Some specially engineered plants around the world provide tire incineration which creates energy. They are equipped with sophisticated ventilation systems to minimize air pollution. Most landfills will be cited and fined if they accept tires.

In Cobb County, GA for information concerning solid waste services please email or call (678) 581-5488.

To haul Special Trash contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information about container dimensions or our container services.


The United States and its e-waste

special trash pickupTwo of the biggest producers of e-waste are the United States and China. What exactly is e-waste? It’s an informal, put popular name for any piece of electronic equipment that uses a cord and is nearing the end of its useful life. Some of the more common products are televisions, computers, stereos, smart phones, kitchen appliances, copy machines and printers. Most of these electronics can be recycled, reused or refurbished.

Though surprisingly, neither the US nor China has the top spot for e-waste per capita in the world.
Research has shown that only one sixth of e-waste is recycled. The remaining gadgets ends up in landfills where they are commonly stripped of valuable parts and left to leach toxic materials into the ground.

“Worldwide, e-waste constitutes a valuable urban mine – a large potential reservoir of recyclable materials,” said United Nations Under-Secretary-General David Malone.

Another interesting fact it that the majority of e-waste does not come from computers or cell phones. That type of technology only makes up about 6 percent of the world’s e-waste. The biggest culprits are home appliances like microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators.

The conclusion on e-waste research is that it will only get worse. By 2018 e-waste is projected to rise 20 percent.

Call R and R Container Service to find out the best way to recycle e-waste.

Why recycle?

  • The products contain many valuable materials such as copper, aluminum, silver, gold, plastics, and other metals.
  • Some electronics can be refurbished, reused, and recycled instead of being sent to a landfilled which will only aid our natural resources.
  • E-waste contains hazardous and toxic elements including lead, mercury, cadmium, chemical flame retardants and chromium. Abandoned in landfills these materials will leach into our soil and water.

Contact R & R Container Service today at 770-975-9554, or browse the website for more information about container dimensions, container services and how to keep e-waste from taking over our landfill.