Roll Off Container Rental for Summer Storm Debris

Get ready for summer with a roll off container rental or junk hauling service from R&R containers.

Memorial Day means two things to Americans. First and foremost, it is a day when we pause to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Graves are decorated, flags are flown at half-staff, and moments of silence are observed all over this great country. Few people know that Memorial Day was invented in Georgia. It was observed for the first time in Columbus in 1866.

Memorial day also marks the unofficial start of summer, and severe summer weather is just around the corner. The official start to hurricane season is June 1, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted an above average number of storms. They expect we’ll see 5-9 hurricanes, 11-17 named storms, and 2-4 major hurricanes (storms with wind speeds greater than 111 mph). What all this means, unfortunately, is that we may be in for quite a bit of storm damage.

Roll off container rental for storm damage

Preparing for Severe Weather

Before the severe weather hits, it’s worth taking some time to evaluate your preparedness. Every home should have an emergency plan and emergency preparedness kit. For a list of what to put in your kit, take a look at

One of the biggest dangers to both people and property during a severe weather event is falling trees. Now is a good time to evaluate the health of the trees on your property. If any of them turn out to be an accident waiting to happen, roll off container or junk hauling services from R&R containers are a great way to help nip the problem in the bud.

If you do end up having a tree fall on your property, keep us in mind. We’ll make your roll off container rental or junk hauling services as easy and stress free as possible so you can get back to normal life. Also, don’t forget to check with your insurance company, as the cost of tree removal as well as any damage they might cause could be covered.

Get prepared and stay safe

If you need a roll off container rental or junk hauling service, give us a call. We’re a locally owned and operated company and we care about our community. We’re happy to help.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental for House Flipping – Part 2

Picking the right house

So, what makes a house a good candidate for a flip? It’s all about ROI. Many rookie house flippers make the mistake of thinking they need to strip the house down to the studs. While this may be necessary for some houses (and a real boon to those of us who offer roll off dumpster rental – it’ll take a lot of container loads!) it’s better left to experienced flippers with a wealth of experience to draw on and plenty of capital to sink into the project. Particularly when starting out, it’s best to pick a house that will require as little work as possible before you put it back on the market.

roll off dumpster rental for house flipping

Hit the high traffic areas first

Given the right market conditions, you may not need to do any work on the house at all to flip it. In this situation, house flipping is like stock trading – just buy low and sell high. However, when people talk about house flipping, they generally are talking about making some improvements to the house to increase its value. So, what improvements have the best ROI? High traffic areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Improvements here – new cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, appliances and the like – are a good bet for house flippers.

What size of roll-off dumpster rental will you need for your project?

If your project house requires only minor cleanup, then a 12 cubic yard container will probably fit the bill for you. Need to get rid of a deck? a 12 cu yard container will likely do the job. If you’ve taken on a bit more ambitious project, and need to get rid of old flooring, siding, windows, or shingles, a 15 cu yard container is probably the better bet for you. Remember, when it comes to roll off dumpster rental, it’s better to have a bit of extra space than a bit too little, as overfilling your container is going to cause problems down the road.

R&R Containers is a local, family owned and operated business. Give us a call for all of your roll off dumpster rental and junk hauling needs!

Roll Off Dumpster Rental for House Flipping – Part 1

To flip, or not to flip, that is the question

From A to Zombie House Flipping, it seems like the stream of house flipping shows is never ending. Flip or Flop, Flip This House, Flipping Vegas, Flipping Out, Flip Men, First Time Flippers, and other shows all depict the triumphs – and trials – of this risky, but rewarding pursuit. If you’re renovating a house with the goal of flipping it, it’s almost certain you’ll need a roll off dumpster rental. But what else will you need?

roll off dumpster rental for house flipping

Flipping houses can be a very risky business.

If market conditions turn against you, or you run into unforeseen issues, you could end up living in the house you meant to flip – or worse, end up bankrupt. The most common mistake rookie house flippers make is biting off more than they can chew.

A story of flip failure

I once knew a man who fancied himself a house flipper. To avoid embarrassing anyone, we’ll call him Jerry. Jerry was a handy guy, and he had a lot of connections in the real estate and construction industries. Jerry figured he had what it takes to become a pro house flipper, so he got some money together and bought himself a project house. Now, this house was a real fixer-upper. It had been built offsite and moved to its current location, where it sat unoccupied (and apparently without any doors or windows) for a few decades, serving as a nest for several dozen generations of the local pigeon population. Jerry’s first step after securing his roll off dumpster rental was to scrape the bulk of the bird dung off the floor with a snow shovel.

Now, if you’ve watched enough HGTV, you probably know where this story is going. Jerry ended up going way over his budget, couldn’t sell the house for enough to cover what he’d put into it, and ended up living in the place. Now, fortunately for Jerry, he didn’t go bankrupt, and he had sunk so much cash into the place that it ended up being a pretty nice place to live. However, it is obviously impossible to call this a successful flip.

Check back soon for House Flipping – Part 2

Rent a Roll-off Container before a Disaster Strikes!

Rent a roll-off container before a disaster strikes to make clean-up easier.

unhappy couple in a boat in their livingroom because their house is flooded. Back in November, heavy rains brought major flooding to the Atlanta area. Roads and businesses were shut down. People were evacuated from their homes. When the water finally receded, many people experienced significant flooding and property damage. Leaking attics and flooded basements were among the areas hit the hardest and unfortunately where most boxes, wanted and unwanted items are stored.

The moral of the story? Don’t put off cleaning out the attic or basement.

Sorting through damaged and wet items is a difficult task in itself without having to sort through years of clutter and mountains of junk. So, before you are in an overwhelming situation, do yourself and your family a favor by getting rid of some of the unwanted clutter.

Let’s get organized!

Take inventory of what you have. My motto – if I haven’t used it in 6 months out it goes. For the items you are holding on to you will now have a complete list for insurance purposes.

Now you can easily organize the items you want to keep. Sort them into categories like winter clothes, Christmas decorations, family photos and etc. Not only will it help de-clutter but it will gain you easy access to something you want or need. And in the case of a flood or other disaster, this will quickly allow you to identify those items that will mostly likely be effected.

Take as many precautions as possible with your cherishables. You can place tarps or plastics covers over boxes and items in the attic. Especially, if you have an annoying leaky roof. This will help prevent water damage.

Anything that is stored in a basement or garage can be placed on pallets to keep them a few inches off the floor. We recommend raising appliances such at washing machines and freezers off the ground as well.

These precautions may not be enough to prevent all damage, but they might buy you some time to move items and will definitely limit the cleanup. Don’t wait until disaster strikes.

Call R & R Container to order your roll-off container today at 770-975-9554 to put yourself in a better position to deal with Mother Nature and the unexpected disaster.

First Time Renting a Roll Off Container?

First time renting a roll off container? There’s a few things you should probably know before you get one!

R and R ContainerHere are some tips for your first time renting a dumpster!

1. Don’t over fill the roll off container!

Most of the containers have tarps that go over them, but you should never fill it up over the limit, or with too much heavy material. Not only is it very illegal to do so, it’s also dangerous for other drivers. Please keep this in mind! You may be asked to empty out a lot of the dumpster if it’s filled too much.

2. Roll off containers have a door on the back of them.

There’s only one direction trucks can load the roll off container, and that’s with the door facing the truck. When finding a place to put your dumpster, remember you need about an 8 foot clearance for the door to swing open because once the containers is placed it’s going to be very difficult to move!

3. Close the door back up.

If you end up opening the door of the container, make sure you close it and latch is tightly! Waste that falls out during transportation can cause accidents and a be a huge liability. Keep the roads safe and clean from litter.

4. Load flatter, heavier items on top instead of small loose things.

Avoid putting loose debris on the top of your container, while tarps are put over them, smaller objects could potentially blow out. Instead, put bigger, flat items like doors, concrete slabs and other things to hold it all down on the top. Try to refrain from putting sharp objects at the top, as this might rip the tarp.

5. Call for a pick up.

Although there is a rental time, most companies do not normally come and pick it up until they are notified. Some people need the dumpster for less time and others for more time. When you are done give the rental company a call so that they know to come pick up their roll off container!

There you go! Some frequently asked questions and issues that we see. We hope it was helpful. Per usual, give us a call or visit our website and we can walk you through any roll off container rental questions you may have! Have a great and clean day.

Roll Off Containers – Size Matters

How to choose the correct size roll off container because size matters

roll off container demensionsThere will be thousands of reasons why you might want to rent a roll off container, but if you’re not a company you probably don’t do this often. A lot of the times, people take roll off containers for granted and don’t understand where all the trash goes. If you’ve found that you have a special project; home renovation, yard clean up, moving, etc. You’re probably going to need a roll off container.

So how do you know what size Roll off container is right?

Learn the sizes

Roll-off containers come in many different sizes, dumpsters are measured by how much they hold in cubic yards. You’re average roll off container dimensions are 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 to 5 feet tall. When all possible, try to measure your waste and get an understanding of how big a roll off container you need, this could save you a lot of money.

You also need to check where to place your roll off container, make sure the area is large enough for a truck to place it down.

Get Opinions

Another alternative is to ask the professionals. If this a big construction project and you have hired a contractor check with them. A good contractor can give you a close estimate of the size of container you will need since they do this sort of clean up all the time.

If you have teenagers make this the challenge of the day by seeing who can come closest to figuring out the correct estimate. Of course, this would probably warrant a special pizza night.

You can also ask the company you’re renting the roll off container from. They may even have a special way to calculate waste from different renovation projects, or clean ups. We’re sure they have seen it all.
Keep in mind that trucks can’t pick up an overloaded container if it’s filled with heavy waste. So make sure you have the right size!

And always make sure to tell the company what you’re putting in the dumpster, not only will it help them determine what size to get, but some household items and construction things are hazardous. So always check if you’re allowed to throw it away!

Call R & R Container Service for more information. We are proud to offer services in Cobb and Paulding County, as well as Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock and Bartow, GA. We provide services within a 20-25 mile radius of Acworth, GA where we are based.