The Best Placement for your Roll-off Container

The Best Placement for your Roll-off Container in Acworth, GA.

R $ R roll-off container filled with debrisRoll-off container rentals can fit multi-purpose jobs, projects and clean-ups but can they fit just anywhere on your property?  Deciding where you are going to place the container is almost as important as selecting the correct size that you will need.

Once you decide on the size of the dumpster, 12 or 15 cubic yards, than measure out the area to ensure the space can accommodate the container.  Take into consideration that the delivery truck must be able to drive in and drop off the dumpster.  Some advice – go twice as big as you think you will need.

Another thing to keep in mind is the damage a container can do to lawns or driveways.  Of course, anything left on grass for any period of time will kill it but if you absolutely need to put a roll-off container in one of those spots, put down planking.  Wooden planks will protect the asphalt or cement from scratches and minimize damage to lawns.

Next, make sure the area does not have any low hanging wires or branches that can get in the way.  Don’t put the container where other people may park or where the delivery or pick-up area can become blocked.  You may be making several trips back and forth to the container, you don’t want to have to run the gauntlet with armfuls of debris.

This brings up our next point.  Think about where you are going to be working.  You want the container close for easy access.  You don’t want to be hauling a wheel barrow or cart over rough terrain, up and down hills or through your wife’s flower bed.  Try to place the container near the job site.

Take the weather into consideration.  Plan your project when the forecast isn’t for rain or sleet over the next week.  Even if you are working indoors, you will need to make trips outside to the dumpster.

If you are renovating, have your plans and building materials ready so that you start your project as soon as your dumpster arrives.

Give your neighbors a heads up.  You would hate to find out that a graduation party or wedding shower was taking place next door while you have a roll-off container parked near their property line.

R & R Container Service in Acworth, Ga has the perfect roll-off container for your hauling needs.
The next time you are in need of dumpster, contact our team of professionals for quality service at affordable prices.

Summertime and the Honey Do List

There’s no time like summertime to take care of the Honey Do List.

man painting the outside of his house.

Now that the weather is warmer, there are all sorts of little things you can do to spruce up your home.

Let’s start on the exterior. Touching up the house paint always makes your home look better. If the spare paint can has hardened and you can’t read the color check in with your local paint store. They having amazing machines that can tell you the exact color with only a small sample or are more than happy to send a paint expert to your home.

Next, window washing from the outside. This is one of those jobs that doesn’t happen very often. It might take some elbow grease and 3 or 4 buckets of hot, soapy water to get off the grime. Use a hose to rinse and top it off with some window cleaner and paper towels and you will have sparkling clean windows.

Washing those dirty windows won’t make much of a difference if you don’t clean your screens. While the screens are off so that you can wash the windows, gently scrub them with hot soapy water, too. If the screens are too filthy to be cleaned or are no longer keeping out the bugs, you may just want to replace them.

Check all your outside and inside hoses for winter storm and freeze damage. We hate it when we turn on the hose and get sprayed in the face. Or maybe a pipe has cracked in the basement and only a little water is seeping out but it’s enough to bring about a mold problem.

Another great summer project is to thoroughly clean your driveway and sidewalks. The key to deep cleaning is a pressure washer. You can make the area around your home look brand new with a few hours of washing and a couple of gallons of water. Just be careful of all the new spring plants your wife has decorated the walkways and porches with!

Let’s move inside. Summer is the time to reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. You want fans to turn clock-wise in the summer to create a nice breeze. To do this, shut off the fan and wait for the blades to stop spinning. Use a sturdy ladder or step stool to locate the direction switch, this will probably be on the side of the fan above the blades. Before you turn the fan back to on, clean the fan or dust bunnies will be flying everywhere.

If your AC is running full out clean your filter every few weeks. This will help keep your bill down and your house cooler. You can clean the filter by washing with warm water or vacuuming it. Some of the newer models have a built in self-cleaning function.

If you are thinking about tackling a bigger project over the summer make sure to contact R & R Container Service for your dumpster rental! They are located in Marietta and service the surrounding areas.

Mold in Acworth Brings Allergies with the August Humidity

As August approaches, so does the humidity and overgrowth of mold in Acworth causing allergies and asthma in some people- Learn more about it now!

Mold in Marrietta

Mold is a fungus commonly found in moist areas such as on logs, fallen leaves, in bathrooms and basements. Mold is potentially anywhere there is moisture or dampness. Mold, unlike plants and flowers, produce spores.  These spores travel through the air and get inhaled in our lungs, similar to pollen, to create an allergic reaction in some of us creating mold allergies. These spores are not visible to the naked eye. They are very resilient and can survive in dry and harsh environments where mold can not grow. Traveling through air, mold spores land on a moist and humid surfaces enabling mold to grow. There are many different types of mold, indoor and outdoor being the two most prominent when dealing with mold in Acworth.

Indoor mold in Acworth is often referred to as mildew. This is a particular mold in the home that is white or gray in color and commonly found growing in showers, under sinks, in drains, drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, furniture, ducts, wallpaper and around plumbing pipes. Black mold which is greenish-black in color is also found indoors but is not as common. Indoor mold has the potential to cause health problems and can destroy surfaces and objects where it grows. 

Outdoor mold in Acworth is most common in damp, dark areas of decomposing plant life. It is often found growing on rotting logs, fallen leaves, grass and in piles of compost. Outdoor molds are not destroyed with the cold and frost in the fall and winter like pollen. Its growth just remains dormant until spring and summer.

Similar to most allergies, mold allergy symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, itchy, swollen, irritated eyes and ears, hives, rash, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing and worsening asthma symptoms. Individuals with mold allergies can have greater symptoms and a higher severity of symptoms based on their sensitivity to it as well as the type of mold they are exposed to. An allergist or doctor can help you determine whether your symptoms are related to a mold allergy. This is the best time to schedule that container and hauling service to get rid of any excess branches, trees and brush to eliminate the chance of mold overgrowth round your home. Contact R&R Container Service, they are just the people to help to eliminate the mold in Acworth.

Pool Safety This Summer in Georgia

Summer and swimming go hand in hand- so keep everyone safe this summer by knowing the pool safety rules.

pool safety

It’s been a hot summer. Luckily we still have several weeks left to enjoy it. The hotter it is, the more we want to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. Taking the kids to the pool and enjoying the weather is what summer is all about. Drownings are a fear parents always have to consider, especially during the summer months. So here are a few things to consider to keep everyone safe.

Most drownings and pool accidents happen in apartment complex and backyard pools. They are almost always ‘swim at your own risk’ environments. There is a technique called “water watcher” that can help lower accidents. A responsible adult is assigned to watch out for everyone in the pool, especially the kids. The idea is to rotate this responsibility to another responsible adult. This is crucial at pools that do not have a lifeguard. Here are 4 important pool rules to follow:

Supervision: Never take your eyes off children in and around the water.

Use barricades. Fences, with self-closing/self-latching gates and secured doors with alarms can prevent young children from wandering into the pool.

Avoid the chance of getting trapped. Suction from a pool’s drain is so powerful it can trap an adult underwater. Be sure to check for and replace missing or broken drain covers.

Learning how to swim: To stay safe in the water, all family members should learn how to swim. Those who cannot swim should wear approved floatation devices.

CPR knowledge can save a life.  Learn CPR and basic water rescue skills.This can truly be a life or death skill to have.

Being observant and following these pool safety rules can help keep everyone safe. Summer just isn’t summer without trips to the pool.  R&R Container Service wants you and your family to have a safe summer! Please contact us for any of your container or hauling service needs.

For additional information on water safety, visit

A Brief Early History of Marietta, Georgia

Marietta, Georgia is, without a doubt, a beautiful community which many of us call home. There are many great local businesses, friendly neighbors, and wonderful schools for our kids. It’s a happy and peaceful community today. But, in the early 30 years of Marietta history, the town had seen more excitement and milestones than most towns see in a century.

Marietta, Georgia town square

Before there was an Atlanta or a Chattanooga there was Marietta, Georgia. A small cluster of homes near the Cherokee town of Kennesaw were reported as early as 1824. An early road in what would become Cobb County crossed the “Shallow Ford” of the Chattahoochee and ran just south of these settlers.

The state of Georgia formed 10 counties from previously owned Cherokee land in 1832. One of those, Cobb county, was named after US representative Thomas Willis Cobb. Marietta was reported to be named after Cobb’s wife, Mary. Georgia legislature recognized the town of Marietta officially in 1834.

A few years later, the US ARMY Corps of Engineers was chosen to head the Western and Atlantic Railroad with its home base in Marietta. Due to this project, business began to boom. This was a significant turn of events for the little town. Upon completion of the railroad project, the sport of horse racing gained popularity. These races took place in the approximate area of the present-day Marietta Welcome Center and Visitors Bureau. Tanyards started to become a thriving business during this time as well. In 1848, the town incorporated and elected its first mayor, John Glover. By 1850, the major portion of the city’s income was dependent on the railroad business and tanyards. The Georgia Military Institute was built in 1851. And, the first bank was opened in 1855. However, during the 1850s, three major fires destroyed most of the city. William Tecumseh Sherman moved in and occupied the town in 1864 during the Civil War.

To learn more on Marietta, Georgia, visit the Marietta History Museum on the second floor of the Kennesaw House.

2015 Glover Park Concert Series – Marietta, GA

The Grains of Sand band kicked off the Glover Park Concert Series yesterday. The first event was SOLD OUT!

glover park concert series

The Glover Park Concert Series 2015 Line Up is a follows:

Concert Date Tables go on sale Performers
April 24 April 1 Grains of Sand
May 29 May 1 Douglas Cameron
Big Band/Swing
May 30 April 13 Symphony on the Square
Pops Concert
June 26 June 1 The Neons
July 31 July 1 Mike Veal Band
August 28 August 3 Electric Avenue
80’s Hits
September 25 September 1 Grapevine

For these events tickets for premium tables will go on sales a listed above.


Other ways to enjoy the Glover Park Concert Series.

  • Blankets and lawn chairs may be set up in the park after 4:00 p.m.
  • Personal tables or plastic ground coverings are not permitted in the park, however they may be set up on the street after 5:30 p.m.
  • You are invited to bring a picnic dinner (beer & wine is permitted)
  • You may choose to dine in one of the many fine restaurants located on the square.
  • The West Cobb branch of Coldwell Banker will sponsor table and blanket decorating contests prior to each event, the winners to take home Picnic Baskets full of Goodies. Participation in the contests is free.

Visit the Glover Park Concert Series Facebook Page to keep up with the news.

R & R Containers is a proud member of the Marietta, Georgia Community.