Got Waste – Get a Roll-off Container

Got Waste – Get a Roll-off Container

If you’ve got waste, we’ve got a roll-off container that will make clean-up a snap. Don’t spend hours of your time and money hauling debris and clutter to the transfer station. Get a roll-off container delivered to your property, fill it up, and have someone else tote it off to the dump!

Got Waste - Get a Roll-off Container

If you don’t know what size container is right for your project check out the below charts.  There are different container sizes and options to fit your budget and your needs.

12 cubic yard roll off container

  • A 12 cubic yard container holds just a bit less than four full size pickup beds full.
  • 12 cubic yards is enough space for the debris from a smaller renovation project, like a bathroom or small kitchen.
  • A 12-yard container is great for yard clean outs for a small or medium sized yard.
  • 12 cubic yards is enough space to accommodate a deck removal, as long as your deck is around 200 square feet or less.
  • A 12 cubic yard container has room for around 16 squares of shingles, or around 1600 square feet. For reference, asphalt and composite shingles typically come in bundles that cover around a third of a square.
  • 12 cubic yards is enough space for a basement clean out, or a single car garage.

15 cubic yard roll off container

  • A 15 cubic yard container holds around as much as 5 full-size pick-up beds. That’s a lot of driving time saved!
  • 15 cubic yards is enough for a larger renovation project, like replacing flooring in a medium-large house.
  • A 15-yard container can handle a large deck removal of ~250 to ~350 square feet.
  • 15 cubic yards is enough for a major yard clean out or debris removal on a larger property.
  • A 15-yard container can hold around 20 squares of shingles, or enough to cover around 2000 square feet.

Easy loading, easy hauling

All our roll off containers feature side entry for loading of heavy objects. Once your container is full, just give us a call and we’ll make sure your waste is disposed of in an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly manner.  If you don’t fill up the container, no worries, we will charge you for only the space you use. 

Call today for a quote or to reserve your roll-off container in Acworth, GA at 770-975-9554.  Happy Cleaning!


When Autumn Leaves Fall, Your Local Dumpster Call

When Autumn Leaves Fall, Your Local Dumpster Call

When autumn leaves fall call your local dumpster service to help with clean up and to get your yard winter-ready.  Whether you are completing a home improvement project or need somewhere to put all the yellow, orange and red foliage falling from the sky, renting a roll-off dumpster can make the job go faster and more efficiently.

What Autumn Leave Fall Your Local Dumpster Call

For Landscaping

Summer storms were worse this year than ever.  With all those extra fallen branches, other natural yard waste and annual fall clean-up, debris piles are mounting. Renting a roll-off dumpster will get rid of unsightly yard waste, tree trimmings and things like old fencing or broken yard furniture.  Not to mention debris piles are great places for snakes and rodents to nest.  No thank you!

Keep the Neighborhood Clean

When leaves and other yard waste gather at street corners and pile up curbside, round-up your neighbors and organize a clean-up.  Recruiting neighbors will help defer cost and make the job go faster.  Plus, coming together for a project that can help make the neighborhood clean and beautiful can also result in a more unified community.  It’s block part time!

Decluttering – always a favorite!

Whether you are moving into a different home, making room for a new family member or just want to free up space in an existing room, renting a roll-off dumpster can motivate you to get the job done thoroughly.   If you try to discard items such as large furniture, appliances and upholstered bedding, you need to follow specific guidelines so that you don’t get ticketed for improper disposal.  A roll-off dumpster can ensure no fines from the county!

Roll-off Dumpsters in Acworth, GA

When planning your next big clean up, think of the pros at R & R Container Services. Providing residential waste management and dumpster services throughout the area, they are prepared to help you tackle any size project. Family owned and operated, they are happy to work directly with you to help with anything from your waste and recycling plan to achieving your sustainability goals. For more information call today at 770-975-9554.

Junk Removal vs. Roll-off Container Rentals

Junk Removal vs. Roll-off Container Rentals

Junk removal vs. roll-off container rentals – let’s compare and contrast each one to help you determine what disposal method works best for your needs.   With the kids back and school and Fall projects lined up, it’s time to consider how you will dispose of any waste, construction material or clutter. You can either select a local roll-off container company or a junk removal service.  There are advantages to both services, depending on the size and scale of your project.  So, let’s weigh in…

Junk Removal vs. Roll-off Container Rentals

How Long Will Your Project Take?

Typically, roll-off container rentals will provide a dumpster for a week or longer, where as a junk removal service will come to pick-up your items in a single trip.  If you are planning a construction project that could take a few days, a roll-off container would be the better option.  If you are cleaning out a small room that will take a half of a day, a junk removal service might better suit your purpose. 

How Much Money Do You Want to Spend?

It’s a good idea to confirm pricing with each company and to check with local agencies to see if a permit is required for a roll-off container.  Roll-off containers will have a set price for each size of dumpster; 12-yard, 15-yard, etc.  A junk removal service will have a per trip fee. 

How Much Waste, Material or Clutter Will You Have?

For instance, if you are cleaning out the garage and want to get rid of an old appliance, a few boxes of clothes and other small items, call a junk removal service.  If you are remodeling a kitchen, putting new shingles on your roof or cleaning out an attic that’s had ten years to accumulate “stuff”, we would strongly recommend a roll-off container.   

Located in Acworth, GA and serving the surrounding areas, R & R Container Services are proud to be a family owned and operated company with customer satisfaction as their first and only priority.

They operate R & R Container Service on the basis of honesty, integrity, and prompt, professional service.  They gladly offer free, fast estimates and quotes over the phone, which will help you decide which size dumpster you will need for your Fall project.  

Call today to find out what makes them your first and last call for all your waste management, garbage, or refuse hauling needs at 770-975-9554. Happy Fall



Metal Recycling

Metal Recycling

Metal recycling plays an important part in protecting our environment.  When you recycle metals you:

  • Protects landfills because metals slow down the process for other materials to break down.
  • Lowers the demand for mining, which helps protect the land from harsh environmental impacts.
  • Provide metals for things we use everyday.

R & R Roll off dumpster

Most Metals Are Recyclable

Most metals can be recycled. Exceptions include any radioactive metals, like Plutonium and Uranium or those that contain Mercury.  Very few household items contain those metals!  Metals such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass, cast iron, and tin are all salvageable. 

How Does Metal Get Recycled?

Typically, scrap yards will:

  1. Sort: After the metal is inspected for radiation it will be sorted by material.  Next, it is cut into manageable pieces by hydraulic machinery.  Afterward, it is cut and crushed into even smaller pieces. Finally, a magnet separates the metal into ferrous and non-ferrous categories.
  2. Melting:  Each metal type is melted at the specific temperature required.
  3. Purification:  While the metal is in its liquid state, powerful magnets and electrolysis take out any impurities.
  4. Cooling: Finally, the metal is taken to cooling chambers to solidify for transport to the appropriate facility. 

Everyday Metals

Everyday we use or see something that is made from recycled metals.  Recycled metals can be found in the following items:

  • Vehicles
  • Airplanes
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Roofing materials
  • Ductwork
  • Canned goods

Are You Ready For a Roll-off Container to Help With Your Recycling Needs

Located in Acworth, GA and serving the surrounding areas, R & R Container Services are proud to be a locally and family owned and operated company with customer satisfaction as our first and only priority.

They operate R & R Container Service on the basis of honesty, integrity, and prompt, professional service. We gladly offer free, fast estimates and quotes over the phone. Our dumpster and container rentals are top-notch because of the service and convenience we provide for each and every customer. Call us today to find out what makes us your first and last call for all your waste management, garbage, or refuse hauling needs at 770-975-9554


Why We Should Support Local Businesses

Why We Should Support Local Businesses

Why we should support local businesses and how this applies specifically to the roll-off container business.  Often, it’s little more than a marketing pitch – something stuck in between sale signs on a supermarket shelf. The reason we should buy local; however, runs a little deeper than the managers special on eggs.

Why we should support local businesses

So, why is it beneficial to buy local?

It all comes down to community.

Everyone knows that in order to be a good citizen of our democracy, we have to vote. Voting is often considered, in fact, to be the essential responsibility Americans have to the functioning of government, aside, perhaps, from paying taxes. But democracy is only a political system – really only half of the equation. What about economics? What about being a good citizen of a capitalist democracy?

We don’t have to wait until we’re in the polling booth to cast our votes. We vote every day when we decide where to spend our money. Each dollar that goes to Walmart or Best Buy is a dollar that comes out of the pocket of a mom-and-pop retailer. Each dollar that goes to online shopping represents a loss to the local tax base. But so, what? We’re saving money, so it’s worth it, right?

According to an info graphic from, local retailers generate 70% more economic activity per square foot than big box stores. That graphic contains another particularly surprising statistic; if every American family spent $10 more a month at local businesses, over $9 billion would be directly returned to local economies across the nation.

How does this apply to the hauling business?

The town general store has long been seen as a victim of our changing economy. But beyond the so-called “retail apocalypse” are a whole host of other local businesses that have been hit hard by the trend’s corporate consolidation and globalization of the last 20 years. Hauling is no exception.

Transportation costs are a major part of many industries. In hauling; however, transportation essentially is the cost. The closer to home your roll-off container rental provider is, the lower the fuel costs and environmental impact are. At R&R containers, we keep our service area small, and pass the savings on to you!

When you order a roll-off container from a corporation or chain, oftentimes you’re not even in contact with the people who will actually be providing your container rental. Big corporations act as dealers, hiring someone else to do the job and lining their pockets by overcharging you. Go straight to the source with R&R containers.

Whether you need some minor junk hauling or a regular dumpster pickup, R&R is your local source. Support our Marietta community with your dollars – call today at 770-975-9554.

Big Ideas for Your Garden

Big Ideas for Your Garden

Mother’s Day weekend was always the time my grandmother bought her starter plants and flowers for the summer.   What are you doing for a garden this year?  If you need ideas, the below garden planning apps can help you design the perfect garden for your yard.

Big Ideas for Your Garden

From Country Living 

Armitage’s Great Garden Plants

With this mobile app, you get tons of knowledge from a respected authority at your fingertips for a few dollars. Allan Armitage, PhD, professor emeritus of horticulture at the University of Georgia, offers a look at exactly what landscape, ornamental (and even houseplants!) you should choose for any garden setting. You’ll also learn about solutions for hungry deer, pest control, and native plants.  Visit us at the app store.

Kitchen Garden Planner

Need a layout for a new veggie garden? Use the free online planner to design a new bed or update an old one. The planner is simple to use, and you even can save, e-mail, and print your design—a perk not all free programs allow. The planner also gives in-depth planting tips and even tells you how many plants or seeds to buy. It’s an incredible tool for anyone interested in getting the most out of their edible garden.  Visit the site.

Garden Manager

This brand-new app is all about helping you plan and manage your edible garden for a successful harvest. New to this stuff? No worries. The virtual gardening coach takes you through a list of questions to guide you about how, what, and when to plant. Three levels of subscription services guide you throughout the season and send reminders about what to do when. It’s also tied into weather stations so it can alert you when to cover the basil, for example, if an early frost is on the way.  Visit their website.

My Garden Planner

This web-based planner from a garden products company in the UK helps you draw and plan your landscaping including types of surfaces such as grass or paving, furniture or water features, and fences. It also gives the approximate mature size of plantings when placed in the grid, so you know what fits where. It doesn’t have a ton of in-depth features, but for a free tool, it’s worth a look.  Visit their website.

When you’re ready to start your garden project, call your friendly Acworth Roll-off Container Rental Company to learn just how a dumpster rental can help make your life and next garden renovation a little easier at 770-975-9554.