R&R Containers is here to help you declutter with junk hauling services – part 1

Minimalism and junk hauling

For a long time, most Americans have lived by the idea that success can be measured by material possessions. This idea is somewhat baked into our capitalist economic system. However, throughout the centuries, there have been people who refused to buy into the more materialistic ideologies in our culture. In recent years, they’ve called their movement minimalism, and although they aren’t a highly organized group, they are unified by one idea: that owning fewer possessions leads to greater happiness. Now, the majority of people aren’t about to move into a tiny house, but that doesn’t mean the masses can’t also reap the benefits that come from owning less and organizing more. It can be quite a lot of work to declutter and organize, especially after years of building up more and more possessions. Fortunately, R&R Containers is here to help with junk hauling services for jobs both large and small!

Many have found that owning less simplifies their lives. R&R is here to help with junk hauling services.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of decluttering and organizing:

No more rebuying and wasting things

Have you ever bought something, just to find out shortly after you already had it and forgot where you put it? Do you have a closet or cabinet full of expired vitamins and half-full bottles of cold medicine? How many expired food staples are lurking in the back of your cupboard? Get organized and stop throwing your hard earned money in the garbage!

Easier to clean

All of the possessions we accumulate require cleaning and maintenance, whether it’s upholstery cleaning for that reading chair nobody ever sits in, or the entire extra room you had to dedicate to storage. Save yourself time by clearing it all out!

Save space

How many people you know who can actually park the number of cars in their garage that the garage was designed for? I know that in my neighborhood it seems like garages are just as frequently used to store boxes of holiday decorations and outdoor equipment as they are to park cars. How about people who have a whole room of their houses dedicated to storage, whether it’s a spare bedroom, basement, or attic. Wouldn’t you rather have all that space for your man cave or lady’s lair?

Check back soon for R&R Containers is here to help you declutter with junk hauling services, part 2!


Junk Hauling Services in Acworth

At R&R containers, we want to be your first call when you’ve got junk.

Whether it’s an attic or basement cleanup, a remodel, or a moving or estate cleanup, we’re your locally owned and operated source for fast, friendly junk hauling services.

Junk hauling services - get that unsightly junk out of your life

We all know what a pain junk can be. Personally, it always bothers me when I see my neighbors leaving their junk out. In my neighborhood, some people seem to believe if they leave their junk out by their trash can, it will disappear. They must know the garbage man isn’t going to take anything that isn’t in the can, but they still do it.

Last week, my neighbor even leaned an old box spring up against his dumpster, like he was saying, “here, now you have to move this to get to the can, you might as well take it, right?” Well, lo and behold, trash day comes and goes, and he still has a full dumpster with a box spring leaned up against it. If only he’d gotten some professional junk hauling services!

Fast, friendly junk hauling services

Getting rid of unsightly, unwanted junk doesn’t have to be a chore. At R&R Containers, we offer free estimates, and over-the-phone quotes. We’re a small, local business and we keep our service area small, too. This means we save on fuel costs, and we pass that savings on to you! With R&R, you’ll never get hit with disposal costs or hidden fees. Once you say the word, your junk disappears!

From seasonal clean outs, to storm debris, to rental home clean ups, R&R has you covered! Got more than a little junk? We also offer twelve and fifteen cubic yard roll off containers, so we’ve got the perfect size service for every job.

Give us a call today to make that pile of junk a thing of the past!

Junk Hauling for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great time to get junk hauling service from R&R Containers!

Clean out your side yard or prepare for a renovation this spring with junk hauling services from R&R containers!

Spring cleaning is so common in America that it’s nearly ubiquitous. But where did it come from? Turns out the tradition of spring cleaning goes back thousands of years. In the Jewish tradition, even small crumbs of leavened foods are purged from the house in a spring cleaning prior to passover. In Iran, the practice of “khooneh tekouni,” or, “shaking the house” occurs just before the Persian new year on the first day of spring. Catholic churches traditionally clean their altars on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday. In 19th century America, spring cleaning caught on because during March and April it’s warm enough to open all the windows so dust that gets swept up will be blown out of the house, but not yet so far into the season that bugs will come in through the open windows.

Although the traditional reasons for spring cleaning have been largely eliminated by technology (like the vacuum cleaner) the tradition persists.

Spring cleaning is a great time for junk hauling services

So, how about some spring cleaning tips?

Clean your dishwasher — You don’t often think of cleaning your cleaning appliances, but the dishwasher is a good example of a case where you should. First, remove any bits of food collected in the bottom, then, run it empty with a specialized cleaner. You can also clean your washing machine with white vinegar and baking soda.

Wash your pillows and comforter — Most of us wash our bedding more often than once a year (hopefully), but spring cleaning can be a great time to wash the parts you wouldn’t normally. Most of them can go in the washing machine — just check the label first. You can also vacuum and disinfect your mattress.

Drapes — First, remove any hooks, then put them in the drier for a fluff cycle along with a moist towel (to attract the dust). Re-hang immediately after the cycle is finished.

Landscaping — spring cleaning is also a great time to take on bigger projects and get the yard ready for summer. Remember, R&R containers is here for all of your junk hauling and roll-off container rental needs!

Junk Hauling to Make Some Space

More Marietta Residents Are Now Eligible to Run Backyard Chicken Farms

Need junk hauling service so you can build your coop?

Earlier this month the Marietta city council voted to relax the regulations governing the raising of chickens. The most noteworthy change is that now you only need 15000 square feet, or, in other words, about 1/3 acre. The previous requirement was 5 acres.

Get junk hauling so you can build a chicken coop

As long as you have enough space, there are only 2 more things you’ll need to get your chicken farm going: a permit to raise chickens, and a permit to build your coop. You’ll be limited to four chickens (no roosters!) and a coop eight feet tall or less and 100 square feet or less.

The benefits of backyard chicken farming. First and most obviously, you’ll get delicious, sustainably raised eggs. Chickens are also great for reducing your carbon footprint. One chicken can consume up to seven pounds of bio-waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill. What’s more, they take those kitchen scraps and turn them into rich fertilizer for your garden. They also serve as a natural form of pest control since they eat many common types of insects. What’s more, they eat many common types of weeds.

Backyard chicken farming has experienced a boon in popularity in recent years, and many municipalities that previously outlawed chicken raising are changing their ordinances. Consequently, a vibrant online community of backyard chicken farmers has sprung up, and it’s easier than ever to learn everything you’ll need to know to start raising your birds. There are even free, downloadable coop plans you can easily build yourself.

Junk Hauling

Oh — there’s one last thing you’ll need to get your chicken farm going: a roll off container rental or junk hauling service from R&R Containers to clear out the yard space for your new coop! Give us a call today.

Fall Leaves and the Mighty Dumpster

Fall Leaves and the Mighty Dumpster to help you dispose of yard clean up.

One is orange
Two are brown
Three look yellow
Upon the ground
Four are green
More are red
One just fell
Upon my head – author unknown

Fall leaves and the mighty dumspter
Who doesn’t like the feel of fall? The promise of cool nights, hot chocolate, fires in the hearth, hearty soups and the holidays. Then you look out your window and realize leaves are everywhere but on the trees and what once offered much needed summer shade now looks like a lot of work. You could hire a landscaping company for $300 to $400.

The problem with hiring a professional company to do your yard cleanup isn’t necessarily the cost, it’s that it’s not a one time job. Leaves continue to fall for weeks and it can take several cleanups to keep your yard orderly. This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood with lots and lots of trees.

Or you could purchase the right tools, follow a few easy tips and get some much needed outdoor time for yourself and your family. Here is link to the 5 best rated leaf rakes.

Start by keeping your lawn cut shorter than normal. It’ll keep the neighbors leaves from getting stuck in your grass.

As you collect the leaves either with a rake or leaf blower, pile them on tarps. This is a great way to keep them contained and makes it easy to drag them to their final resting places. Just don’t leave the tarps sit too long on the grass.

Some cities require you dispose of your leaves in special bags. If so, pick up a leaf chute. They are designed to help you keep the bag propped open which makes it much easier to drop the leaves in either by funneling the tarp or scooping them with a rake.

And this is another great opportunity to involve your kids. If they are young you can make games out of leaf collecting. Who doesn’t like jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves? Don’t forget to use that tarp or you’ll be raking them up all over again. Have the kids pick out a dozen or so of their favorite leaves and put them aside. Later then can make fall placemats.

With the right tools and family help you can get the yard cleaned up in a few hours and have fun doing it.

If you need help hauling away the leaves don’t forget to contact the awesome staff at R & R Container Services. Prices that can’t be beat from a local service you can trust.

Fall Projects and Perfect Roll-off Container Size

Fall projects and perfect roll-off container size to get everything ship shape before winter.

Fall projects and perfect roll-off container size

Fall has come to Georgia and the days are cool and beautiful.  The blasted summer heat has finally died down.   Days are starting to get shorter and the kids are getting excited about Halloween.  It’s also a countdown for all of those summer and fall home projects that need to be wrapped up before Old Man Winter comes to town.

If you’re hustling to finish projects before the last leaves hit the ground, R & R Container services can help in a number of ways. Keep working those weeknights and weekends and call R & R to rent a roll-off container that you can fill on your own.

container dimensions

12 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 feet tall and works great for:

  • Garage cleanouts
  • Basement or attic declutterings
  • Removal of single layer roof shingles
  • Old carpets or flooring
  • A rotting deck that needs to be hauled away
  • One room remodeling projects

15 cubic yard container: 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet tall and works great for:

  • Major home improvements
  • Construction on a new home
  • Complete home declutterings
  • Removal of a garage or outer buildings
  • Window and siding replacement of an average sized home

What are you working on this fall?  A new tree house for the kids?  Or maybe a new kitchen for the love of your life?  How about a new tool shed or maybe it’s time to replace the old windows and siding to keep the cold out and your heating bills down.

I remember my grandfather and my dad always started projects when cooler weather returned.  There was the smell of fresh paint, new wood or putty and lots of banging, clanking and sometimes words I was not supposed to hear.  But as a kid I loved to help and there was no better time to be outside, enjoying the fall air.

Don’t struggle with unfinished projects.  Get the kids, pick up the hammer or paint brush and head outside for some family time and glorious weather.

When it comes time to haul away the debris or unwanted items call R & R Container Services at 770-975-9554.  They love the fall and being apart of the Acworth community and all the home owners.