Simplify Your Cleanup Projects with R&R Container Services’ Roll-Off Dumpsters

Simplify Your Cleanup Projects with R&R Container Services’ Roll-Off Dumpsters

Are you tired of dealing with clutter and waste piling up during your home renovation, construction project, or seasonal cleanup? Look no further than R&R Container Services for all your roll-off dumpster needs in Ackworth, Georgia. We are your trusted local provider, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to simplify your cleanup projects.

Convenience and Efficiency
At R&R Container Services, we understand that managing waste can be a hassle. Our roll-off dumpster services are designed to make the process as convenient and efficient as possible. With just a simple phone call, our team will deliver a sturdy and spacious dumpster right to your doorstep. Say goodbye to countless trips to the local landfill or recycling center. Our dumpsters can handle a wide range of materials, from construction debris and household junk to yard waste and more.

Tailored Solutions for Every Project
No two cleanup projects are the same, which is why we offer a variety of dumpster sizes to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re clearing out a small basement or tackling a major construction site, we have the perfect dumpster size for you. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right container, ensuring you have enough space to dispose of all your waste without any unnecessary costs.

Affordable Pricing
At R&R Container Services, we believe that quality roll-off dumpster services should be accessible to everyone. We offer competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Our straightforward pricing structure eliminates any surprises, and there are no hidden fees. With R&R Container Services, you can enjoy a stress-free cleanup process without breaking the bank.

Local Expertise and Reliability
As a locally owned and operated company, R&R Container Services takes pride in serving the Ackworth, Georgia community. We understand the unique needs and requirements of the area, and we are committed to providing exceptional service to our neighbors. Our team of professionals is reliable, punctual, and dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations with every interaction.

Book Your Roll-Off Dumpster Today!
Don’t let waste and clutter hold you back from completing your cleanup projects efficiently. Contact R&R Container Services today and experience the convenience, reliability, and affordability of our roll-off dumpster services in Ackworth, Georgia. Simplify your cleanup process and enjoy a cleaner, more organized space with R&R Container Services by your side. Visit our website for more information, and call to book your roll-off dumpster today!


What Doesn’t Go In A Dumpster?

What Doesn’t Go In A Dumpster?

What Doesn’t Go In A Dumpster?

Especially when using a roll off dumpster for a cleanup project, it can be tempting to throw everything in! It’s a common story. You get a good groove going, and want to get everything finished ASAP. As usual, that means cutting some corners. Sure, it leaves a completely clear space that way, but the environmental cost can be HUGE. Here’s a guide with all the answers! All you need to do is ask yourself, what doesn’t go in a dumpster? We’ll split from here into two categories: Sometimes & Never!

First, the items that can Sometimes go in a dumpster. Call your provider beforehand to be sure!

  • Appliances- most appliances are just fine, but refrigerators and water heaters can be incredibly dangerous in a landfill!
  • Mattresses- typically a no go across the board, check with your service provider though
  • Branches and stumps- if these aren’t accepted in your area, you can find yard waste alternatives relatively easily
  • Aerosol cans- must be entirely empty to go in a dumpster!

Second, the absolutely not list! These are items that create significant risk to life or may damage the dumpster.

  • Tires- can cause damage to landfills, may even “float” as methane builds up inside
  • Paint- may contain lead or mercury
  • Glue/epoxy- can attach items to the dumpster
  • Car batteries- regular batteries are fine, just take the car batteries to an auto shop
  • Medical waste- should go ONLY in marked containers specifically for medical waste
  • Household cleaners- empty, rinsed containers are fine, but cleaners are an environmental hazard
  • Oil/fuel- huge flammability risk

These are not comprehensive lists, but they cover some important items and should serve has helpful guidelines. If you have questions about a specific item not listed, contact us or your local provider. Remember, better safe than sorry when it comes to the environment!

Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

Small Dumpster Rentals Make Cleanup Easy

There are so many reasons your yard might need a good cleanup! Sometimes it’s just been too long and things have gotten a little wild. Or, a natural disaster could speed that process up tenfold! Additionally, landscaping projects are one of the most common things to leave a mess of a yard. There’s no shortage of mess-making in this life, but how can a small dumpster rental help you?

First, much of the mess left in a yard after any of these circumstances is too large to be lawn-bagged. Tree branches are the biggest culprit. Literally! It can be a huge hassle to break down fallen limbs into baggable pieces, and the process often leaves them jagged. That’s still a bag-killer! So the branches can’t go into bags. Do you know when your locality’s next brush pickup is? Does yours even have one? And the biggest question, do you really want to wait?

Well What’s The Fix?

With a small dumpster rental, you can clear space with the peace of mind that you can toss in anything you find. And there’s no penalty of filling up your garbage bins 5 days before the collection comes! You can simply focus on clearing your yard of whatever debris and detritus there is that needs disappeared.

Even if your clean up job isn’t huge, don’t let that stop you from making it easy on yourself! With our small dumpster rental, only pay for the space you use! We won’t charge for the empty space. A rental  like this really is as easy as it gets.

If you’re in the Acworth, GA area (plus 15 miles!) and you’re thinking about cleaning up your space, give us a call! We would love to be the ones to make your life that much easier.

Learn more about our small dumpster rentals here!


Organizing for Your New Year’s Resolution

Organizing for Your New Year’s Resolution

Organizing For Your New Year’s Resolution

So you’re committed to a cleaner new year! A good reset is necessary every so often. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say! Well, we at R&R Containers want to support you in organizing for your new year’s resolution.

First, have you thought about logistics? That’s our expertise! Depending on how well you’re able to follow through on a proper clean out, your regular trash service may not be prepared to handle the volume of your resolve. That’s a good thing! You just let us handle that part. For you:

The biggest and most common space in need of these new year’s resolution clean-outs is the garage! When was the last time you got to start from scratch with yours? When you moved in? You’re not alone! We’re here to help!

How To Do a New Year’s Resolution Clean-Out

First, empty that garage! There’s no full reset without a fresh start! Go ahead and get everything out of there, sorting everything into groups as you go. We love a classic Keep, Trash and Sell/Donate system. This is where a roll off dumpster rental starts coming in handy. Instead of a trash pile in and around your overflowing garbage bin, toss it all directly in a dumpster in your driveway!

Second, clean it out! Time to sweep corners and crevices for cobwebs, and remove all that dirt and dust that’s built up! Again, right into your roll off dumpster rental.

Next, consider storage. Look at what’s left, and install any rack or shelving you think would work well.

Lastly, load it back in! A clean garage is a hugely satisfying kickoff to a new year’s resolution. With our dumpsters, you’re done! We’ll come right along and finish that cleanup.

Just contact us to see about roll off dumpster rental prices for the size you think you’ll need!

Happy Independence Day! Learn more about safe fireworks waste disposal and BBQ ash disposal to stay safe this Fourth – Part 2

This post is the second in a two part series. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Tips for using and disposing of fireworks safely (continued)

Contact your local fire department, landfill, or waste disposal company to learn about options for safely disposing of fireworks in your community.
If you intend to store unused fireworks for New Years or Independence Day next year, make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place. Don’t store them on top of or near electrical appliances, as a power surge or lightning strike could cause them to ignite.

People grilling pictured. BBQ waste disposal

Safe BBQ waste disposal

Another potential source of fire danger surrounding independence day is BBQ coals and ashes, so it’s important to consider BBQ waste disposal, too. Another 9600 fires start each year because of a household grill, and July is the number one month for fires started by BBQs. Even more frightening, over 16000 Americans end up in the emergency room each year due to injuries caused by their household grills.

Here are a few strategies for using your grill safely:

  • Make sure your setup is safe. Clear away any fallen limbs or dry grass from the grill area. Never try to move a grill while it’s hot.
  • If you’re grilling with charcoal, be sure only to add lighter fluid to cold coals. Spraying on extra lighter fluid in an attempt to save the fire can cause a flash fire and severe injuries.
  • Many BBQ fires are caused by ash that seemed like it went out, only to re-ignite later. Make sure your ash is completely cool before you clean it out, and keep ashes in a fireproof container. If you grill with lump charcoal, you can spread the ashes on your garden or compost pile. If you use briquette charcoal, however, it’s best not to spread it on your garden. Briquette charcoal can contain additives that, while they help it burn easier, are toxic to plants and people.

If you’re in need of fireworks disposal, ash disposal, or disposal of yard or other waste disposal, R&R containers can help. Give us a call today for a fast quote on junk hauling or roll off container services.

Happy Independence Day! Learn more about safe fireworks waste disposal and BBQ ash disposal to stay safe this Fourth – Part 1

Independence day and fireworks and BBQ safety

It’s nearly the fourth, and everyone is busy with last minute grocery shopping, fireworks buying, and BBQ preparations. But before you fire up that grill and start lighting those fireworks, it’s worth taking a minute to ensure everything will be done safely. Fireworks alone are responsible for a dizzying amount of damage each year, so it’s smart to read up on safe fireworks use and fireworks waste disposal. Check out these alarming statistics from the National Fire Prevention association:

“Fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outside and other fires. These fires caused an average of three deaths, 40 civilian injuries, and an average of $43 million in direct property damage.” (1)

fireworks exploding pictured. Firework safety and waste disposal

Let’s take a look at some tips for using and disposing of fireworks safely:

  • Before you start lighting your fireworks, make sure you have plenty of fire suppression capability on hand. Hoses, buckets of water, and fire extinguishers are best, but buckets or bags of sand, dirt or mud can be useful too.
  • Dedicate one bucket to fireworks disposal. After you’ve used the fireworks, submerge and soak them for a minimum of 15 minutes. Soaking overnight is best of possible. Embers can continue burning deep inside fireworks long after they’ve been lit, creating a potentially dangerous situation if they’re not soaked.
  • Be particularly careful with any misfired, dud, or partially fired fireworks. This is the most involved fireworks disposal procedure. Do not approach or handle dud fireworks for at least 20 minutes after lighting. Once it’s safe to approach, soak the duds thoroughly. Then, wrap the soaked fireworks in plastic wrap or a garbage bag before disposal. This step is important because if the dud fireworks are allowed to dry out, they will be a very serious fire hazard.

Check back soon for Happy Independence Day! Learn more about safe fireworks waste disposal and BBQ ash disposal to stay safe this Fourth – Part 2

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