How to Make Your Small Home Feel Big

How to Make a Small Home Feel Big

How to make a small home feel big with these inventive ideas and organizational tricks.  When space is limited, it’s time to get resourceful, think big and utilize all the square footage that you can.  Follow the tips below to make your home spacious and comfortable.

How to make your small home feel big

In the living room

  • Before you buy a big bulky chair or block table, look at furniture with exposed legs and no arms. They will give the room a more open feel.
  • Avoid huge storage pieces and opt for built in shelves or floating bookcases. This will free up floor space.  Also, furniture such as benches or ottoman’s that have built in storage space are a good option.
  • Paint the walls a neutral color to keep it bright and airy. Add mirrors, especially if the windows are small or non-existent.
  • Be savvy and mount the TV on the wall. Entertainment centers are for huge basements and family rooms.  Not for small homes or apartment.

How to make a small home feel big

In the kitchen

  • Try to keep the countertops decluttered. Add floating shelves to help with small appliances or magnetic strips to hang utensils.
  • Similar to your living room, use light colors to help reflect light and make your kitchen appear larger.
  • Stay with light colored kitchen chairs and stools that aren’t bulky or oversized.

In the bathroom

  • Floating vanities or pedestal sinks will free up floor space. Baskets make great options for towels and linens.  Add a shelf or rack over the toilet to hold toiletries and such.
  • Medicine cabinets with a mirror will work two-fold. The mirror will help reflect light to make the room appear larger and hold toiletries.  Other mirrors of odd shapes like diamond, star or oval will help as well.
  • Change out the bathroom door for a pocket door. Pocket doors are way cooler.

How to make a small home feel big

In the bedroom

  • Chose a headboard that has shelves for books and built in reading lamps.
  • Toss out the nightstand and build floating shelves around the bed. Nab a lobster pot or old crate, turn it upright.  Now you have a place to store a basket or more books if you are a book junky.
  • Light colored gauzy curtains will show off your windows and let in a lot of natural light.
  • Keep your closets and drawers de-cluttered. Remember this rule – if you haven’t worn it or used it in six months toss it out!

Another tip is to create rooms that are multifunctional.  Let the laundry area also be the “mud room”.  A small kitchen counter can be a prep area or computer work space.  It just takes is a little organization, and you can easily make your small home feel bigger.

When you are ready to de-clutter call R & R Container Services.  They will be happy to provide a roll-off container to your doorstep.  They have big containers for big jobs and small containers for small jobs! Call today 770-975-9554

Best Fall Projects in Acworth, Georgia

Best Fall Projects in Acworth, Georgia

Best fall projects in Acworth, Georgia to start before winter.  Now that the summer heat isn’t keeping you indoors, it’s time to head outside to make repairs and get ready for the upcoming colder months.

Best Fall Projects

Georgia winters are fickle.  On Tuesday it’s warm, on Thursday it’s cool and by Saturday the temps are in the 20’s only to be back in the 60’s two days later.  Extreme weather changes are hard on roofs, outside paint, decking and plumbing systems.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

The Roof

Now is the time to check the roof for leaks and cracks.  You’ll want to fix any leaks before the first freezing rains or snowfall.  We recommend two things, first hiring a professional and qualified crew that can assess and fix your leaky roof quickly and safely.  Secondly, we recommend renting a roll-off container to haul away old shingles and roofing materials.

Exterior Paint

The warm days of fall in Acworth, Georgia offer enough time to paint the outside of your home long before Old Man Winter comes knocking.  A new paint job will help preserve the exterior.  Just avoid painting on days when the temperature will dip below 45 degrees.  Covering existing walls with siding can help save money down the road.  Think of it as an added layer of insulation and improve the value of the home.

The Deck

Decks are a major gathering place in the summer.  We celebrate birthdays, graduations, host book clubs, luncheons, dinners, barbeques and enjoy family-time under the eaves of the patio.  So, before winter strikes take the time to prepare the deck so that it doesn’t get damaged during freezing rains and snowfalls.  Start by power washing the deck to remove dirt, moss, mold and tannin-bleed.  Replace any rotten or lose boards and seal or stain the deck by applying two to three coats.  Come spring all the deck will need is a good washing.

The plumbing

To prevent frozen or burst pipes we recommend that you winterize exterior hoses and plumbing as well as the sprinkler system and outside faucets.  Also, insulating plumbing lines will help save money on your power bills.  Non-insulated pipes are a major cause of power use.  Follow the plumbing pipes to locate all lines outside or in unheated areas such as basements and garages.   Home improvement stores can recommend insulation or call a professional plumbing company for a complete assessment.

Roll-off Containers

For all your home improvements, fall projects and renovations call today to reserve or rent your roll-off container.  R & R Container Services will be more than happy to answer any questions.   Their affordable prices are based on your needs. Not enough refuse to fill a 12 cubic yard container? Don’t worry. They will charge you for only the space you use. Call R & R Container Services for more information at 770-975-9822.




Roll-off Containers for Summer Storm Clean Up

Roll-off Containers for Summer Storm Clean Up

Roll-off containers for summer storm clean up because let’s face it; hailstorms, windstorms, rainstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes have all touched Georgia in last few years.

Roll-off Containers for Summer Storm Clean Up

Summertime storms work differently than those driven by dynamic jet-stream-driven systems, and it can be very, very difficult to see the severity on radar because they aren’t spinning or causing long-term strong winds that are more easily tracked like Spring and Fall storms.

Plus, a storm does not have to be ‘severe’ to bring strong winds that can uproot trees, heavy rain that can bring flash flooding, and dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning.  Any storm has the potential to cause damage to your property.

The Roof

High winds can loosen, lift or strip off roof shingles.  Hail can pit or bruise roof shingles.  Gutters can become clogged from leaves and asphalt granules or be completely ripped off.

The Windows

Hail can shatter windowpanes.  Be mindful of broken glass.  Pieces of flying debris can make small holes or cracks in windowpanes, letting in the weather and letting out the cold air from your already hard-working A/C unit.

Water Damage

Water damage is probably the number one issue with storms.  Check attic crawlspaces and basements for standing water.

Look for water stains on your walls or ceilings that can be caused by even the smallest leak.

Cleaning up outside

Be mindful of downed powerlines and trees when you first venture outside. Keep safety in mind as you begin clean-up.

Before you begin picking up debris take pictures so that you have documentation for insurance claims.

Children and pets should be kept away from flood waters.  Flood waters can contain chemicals, dangerous material hidden just below the surface and snakes!

If you find chemical containers, place them in separate bags so that they don’t mix.

Use safety glasses, work gloves, heavy-duty trash bags, a respirator mask and waterproof work boots to tackle messy jobs.

Call your local roll-off container company to have a dumpster delivered to your door.

Items you can put in the roll-off container:

  • Tree limbs and branches
  • Shingles
  • Drywall
  • Gutters
  • Glass
  • Fencing
  • Doors

Items you can’t put in the roll-off container:

  • Wet paint
  • Items considered to be hazardous waste- pesticides, gas, oil, mineral spirits, etc.
  • Electronics
  • Tires
  • Some appliances


A roll-off container will become your new best friend during storm clean up.

Since 1999, R & R Container Service has provided our residential, commercial, and industrial customers with superior, professional, and friendly roll off containers and waste management services. Call to schedule your container at 770-975-9554.


Teach Children Not To Litter

Teach Children Not to Litter

Teach children not to litter because it’s never too early to start talking to them about the environment and topics such as pollution, recycling and tossing trash on the ground.

Teach Children Not To Litter

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.   During one of his talks he made the comment, “always leave a place better than you found it”.  How many people do that?  How many people pick up an extra piece of trash in the park, playground, street or other public place?   Just think about how much safer and healthier the world would be if everyone followed Jim Rohn’s rule.   

Litter is bad for the earth, especially plastic litter. When plastic lies on the ground for a long time, chemicals in the plastic leach out into the soil and poison the plants in that area.

Litter on the ground injures thousands of animals every year.

Litter that washes into the ocean kills over a million birds and sea life every year.

Plus, it’s an eyesore!

Here are few ideas to teach children about litter:

Look for Litter

Visit a nearby park or public place with your kids that is heavily littered.  Play the game “what doesn’t belong in this picture”.  See how long it takes before they notice the trash.  Ask them if they like seeing trash on the ground?  Talk to them about keeping parks and public places clean and how much nicer it would be for everyone if the world was free of litter.  Have disposable gloves with you so that you can each pick up a few pieces of trash. 

Trash Bin Awareness

Take a walk through the neighborhood with your kids.  Explain the difference between a trash can and a recycling bin.  Ask what items might go into a recycle bin.  Ask what items might go into a trash bin. 

Litter Art

A litter hunt is like a scavenger hunt.  Take a day trip to the park and with gloves, collect litter.  The dirty litter can be placed in the correct bin.  Clean litter can be used to create a collage or piece of art.  Make a fun game out of it.  Make up stories about people who litter. 

Lead by Example

One of the most effective ways to teach kids not to litter is to set a good example.  Children mimic what they see adults doing. You should always be conscious about the environment and make an effort not to litter, but this should hold especially true when you are with your child.

For big clean up jobs rent a roll-off container.  Have everyone in the neighborhood chip in on the cost and then schedule a clean-up day.  For information on roll-off containers and the size and logistics contact R & R Container Services 770-975-9554

Their affordable prices are based on your needs and they are dedicated to helping your community.  

Roll-off Containers for Removing Dirt

Roll-off Containers for Removing Dirt

Roll-off containers for removing dirt is an effective approach for toting away unwanted dirt, rocks, sand or other organic matter.   

Roll-off Containers for Removing Dirt

Unloading dirt in a local forest, vacant lot, open field, park or other public place will land you in hot water with local, state and sometimes federal officials. 

There are environmental laws that regulate where organic matter can and can’t be unloaded.  The law is different in every state and municipality.  Search Google for “inert waste landfill” in (your City, State) regarding dirt and inert waste disposal. 

Your local roll-off container company will also be familiar with the laws in your area.  If you can’t find a roll-off container that hauls dirt, check with a junk removal company.

Be sure you have a full understanding of the roll-off container company’s policies on loading dirt.  Generally, the load should be kept under a specific level such as 25%. This keeps the container’s weight from being overloaded.

Remember, dirt is heavier and denser compared to household trash, construction materials or yard waste.   Exceeding the weight allowance could tack on $50.00 to $100.00 per ton in overage fees. Tonnage adds up quickly with dirt.

Weight of Dirt (per cubic yard)

Dirt Type

Weight (lbs.)

Fill dirt


Sandy, rocky, or gravely dirt


Compost/organic matter

1,000 to 1,500

Wet dirt

2,000 to 3,000


Going by the above chart, it is easy to understand that just a few cubic yards of dirt quickly meet or exceed the weight allowance for many 12 or 15 cubic yard containers.  Depending on the roll-off container rental company, the weight limit may range from 1,000 lbs. up to 4,000 lbs. for a 12- or 15-yard dumpster.

While a 12-yard roll-off container has the capacity to hold 12 yards of dirt, the weight of a load like this would greatly exceed the lifting and carrying capacity of a roll-off truck.  For this reason, roll-off container rental companies put a strict limit on the amount of heavy debris, like dirt, allowed in a container.

For more information on bulk dirt removal contact your local roll-off container rental.

Serving Marietta, GA and surrounding areas, R & R Container Services provide prompt, consistent and professional services for waste management container delivery and pick-up. Since 1999, their family owned and operated business has provided their customers with not only sturdy, safe and convenient container services, but friendly service that keeps them – and their friends – calling for their next project.

R & R containers are ideal for residential clean-outs, seasonal trash and debris, and commercial construction or demolition sites. Their containers are safe for pavements and yards, and they will promptly pick up the container and dispose of the waste when you’re job is completed – it’s just that simple!  Call today for a fast, free estimate and quote over the phone at (770)-975-9554.  Happy Hauling!




How Roll-off Containers Make Clean-up Fast

How Roll-off Containers Make Clean-up Fast

How roll-off containers make clean-up fast and effective for waste removal.  Here are a few ideas on how to utilize a dumpster for your next event or project.

How Roll-off Containers Make Clean up Fast

Remove Trash

Big events and parties tend to generate a huge amount of trash.  When the fun is over and the last guests have gone home what are you going to do with those twenty extra bags of trash?  Bring in a roll-off container so that all those bundles are kept out of site and carted away fast and efficiently.

Remove Construction Waste

Even small projects such as renovating a bathroom or adding on a deck can produce a few pick-up loads of construction waste.   By the time you haul it to the dump and pay the dump fee it would have been more economic to rent a roll-off container.  It will save you time, money and keep the yard neat while you finish the project.

Safety First

Whether it’s a new roof, landscaping or a renovation project, it’s a good idea to keep all debris contained.  Boards with protruding nails, piles of trash or tree limbs are accidents waiting to happen when left in piles on the ground.  A roll-off container is the perfect option for keeping the work areas clean and safe while the project is completed.

Regular Trash Collection

There are many, many items that residential trash services will not collect on garbage day.  This is one of the reasons broken furniture, old appliances, batteries and such clutter our basements, attics and garages. Don’t be like the Jones!  Rent a roll-off container and declutter your house today. 

Choose the Right Roll-off Container Company

When it’s time to rent a dumpster, choose the company that will give you options with the size of units they offer.  Select a company that will give you great advice on what type of unit to rent, and make sure they’ll be flexible on their drop-off and pick-up dates. If your project becomes a little more intense than you planned, make sure they’ll come pick-up your unit and drop off an empty one so that you stay on track.

Roll-off Container Sizes

12 cubic yard container: 8 feet wide, 14 feet long and 3 feet tall – about 4 pickup truck loads

15 cubic yard container: 8 feet wide, 14 feet long and 4 feet tall – about 7 pickup truck loads

At R&R Container Services, we provide worry free, reliable and fast commercial and residential dumpster services.  Our affordable prices are based on your needs. Not enough refuse to fill a 15 cubic yard container? Don’t worry. We will charge you for only as much as you’ll need to fill it.

Call R & R Container Service for more information at 770-975-9554. We are proud to offer services in Acworth, GA, and within a 15 mile radius of Acworth, GA where we are based.