Do you remember when being a good neighbor was kindly lending a cup of sugar?

being a good neighbor

Sometimes it is hard to know when you are being a good neighbor. Something that seems neighborly to you, may be an annoyance to someone else. The fact is that very few folks anymore are surrounded by hundreds of acres; therefore you have neighbors. What do you want from them and what do they want from you? If you want others to be considerate of you, be consider of them first. The Golden Rule

Here Are 12 Practices Of Being A Good Neighbor:

  1. Introduce yourself: Let your neighbor know who you are to open the door to a positive existence.It is easier to know how to be a good neighbor is you know a little about them.
  2. Consider your neighbors’ lifestyle. When are reasonable quiet times and when is it okay to mow your lawn? Give them the same information about yourself. You can’t demand that someone follow your rules, but it allows you both a chance to show respect.
  3. Be aware of shared walls. If you’re in a terrace, condominium, semi-detached house or any structure where you and your neighbors share adjacent living spaces, position noisy household appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers – even TVs and speakers – away from partition walls. If you live above someone, consider putting linoleum or rubber matting underneath your appliances to deaden or muffle the noise, and remember that someone downstairs can hear you walking around (so minimize how often you wear high heels indoors, for example).
  4. Control your dog. Do not get in a habit of feeding or petting your neighbors pets without their presence. If you leave your pets outside while you are away, ask from time to time how they are behaving during those time. Open the door for your neighbor to talk to you about frustrating pet behavior.
  5. Practice parking etiquette. When you park your vehicle, be sure not to block anyone’s access, or make them have to pull out of a very tight spot. When yo have guests, be sure to instruct them not to block your neighbors’ driveways.
  6. Alert your neighbor to parties. Ideally, invite your neighbors to your party. Otherwise, let them know you are having people over, and invite them to contact you if they are being excessively inconvenienced by your celebration. Be responsible for your guests by encouraging them to behave appropriately.
  7. Keep your yard and garden tidy. Particularly your front yard. Unless you live behind a wall or line of trees, your neighbors have to look at your yard. Especially if your neighborhood has covenant standards, you are responsible to maintain your yard. Remove trash, weeds, broken down equipment, toys and furniture. Also, depending on where you live, you may be cited by you municipality.
  8. Control your bonfire, barbecue or backyard fire. Despite the safety issues, it is alarming when you are sitting in your home and all of a sudden see and smell smoke. A simple hey by the way will due.
  9. Put rubbish/garbage out on the right day. Only put your rubbish/garbage out on the day it’s due for collection. If you accidentally miss the collection, bring it back onto your property immediately and try to contain it well. Garbage that is left out can attract vermin, insects, and other pests, and is also unsightly.
  10. Communicate with your neighbor. Above all, touch base with your neighbors regularly and keep them in the loop. Remember the golden rule and if anything you are planning to do may affect them, minimize it and let them know in advance. Keep the channels of communication open by reminding them that if you’re doing anything which disturbs them, they should feel comfortable approaching you about it.
  11. Be aware of your surroundings, as well as theirs. Even if you’re not in a “neighborhood watch” community, keep your eye on anyone you don’t know acting suspiciously around your neighbor’s property. When in doubt, call the police so they can quickly curtail any criminal activity.
  12. If you have a snow blower and they don’t, spend that extra 60 seconds to clear their walkway. It will save them 60 minutes of hard work and they’ll be grateful!
    Be nice to your new neighbors- When someone new is moving next to you,welcome them.They will be thankful to you for a jug of lemonade.

We all want to feel comfortable and safe at home. Being a good neighbor does not have to be difficult, it just takes some effort.

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