Home Improvement Projects for Maximizing Resale Value and Roll Off Container Rentals

If you’re planning on selling your home, then you probably want to do everything you can to get top dollar. Oftentimes people selling their home will take on home improvement projects in an attempt to add resale value. However, if things go wrong or the homeowners choose the wrong things to sink their cash into, they can end up shelling out more than the improvements will add in value. So, what are the best home improvement projects to take on for your home’s resale value? Let’s take a look below. Of course, a great way to save money on many home improvement projects is with a roll off container rental from R&R Containers.

Best DIY Projects for ROI – and how a roll off container rental can help

  • Remodels – when many people think of value adding upgrades, they think of remodels. And it’s true that a kitchen or bath remodel can, in some cases, end up turning a profit. However, it’s easy to get too deep into these projects, and then they end up costing more than their worth, so keep an eye on the budget if you’re going to take one on. Of course, a roll off container rental is a great, cost effective way to get rid of the waste from your remodel.

Attic insulation pictured. Roll off container rental

  • Energy saving upgrades – while it might not be as flashy as a remodel, buyers are placing more and more emphasis on energy saving upgrades. Jobs like adding insulation to the attic or installing a smart thermostat don’t cost much compared to a remodel, and they can be very attractive to environmentally and budget minded buyers.
  • Boost curb appeal – there’s a reason why real estate agents put so much emphasis on curb appeal – there’s no second chance to make a first impression. While many jobs, like landscaping, might be more easily done in spring, there’s plenty of favorable winter weather here in the south to squeeze some projects in. A roll off container rental will prevent you from having to make trip after trip to the dump in the freezing cold!

Roll off container rental for commercial job sites

R&R Containers has been locally owned and operated in Acworth since 1999. We understand what it takes to be a small business owner in central Georgia, and we’re here to help you succeed. Commercial customers have a little bit different set of concerns than residential ones when it comes to roll off container rental. Since commercial operations are typically ongoing, it’s all about efficiency.

roll off containers for commercial jobs. Construction site pictured.

Buy local, save money

Buying local makes a big difference when it comes to dumpster rental. Most of the cost in refuse hauling is in the fuel it takes to haul the big, heavy containers. At R&R Containers, we keep our service area small, and we pass the savings in fuel costs on to our customers. Another way to make sure you’re getting the best price on your dumpster rental is to contract with the same people who will be delivering your dumpster. Many companies that claim to be dumpster rental companies are actually just agents. They contract with someone else to haul the container, and they add a middleman’s fee to the price the customer pays. Not at R&R Containers.

Save time, save money

Another important factor for commercial customers in particular is dumpster placement. When we drop off a container at a residence, there usually aren’t many choices on where we can put it. On larger, commercial job sites; however, location can make a big difference. If your employees have to carry debris a long way, you’re wasting man hours and increasing the likelihood of a workplace injury. At R&R, we strive to locate your container as close to the cleanup as possible so you can maximize your ROI.

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Roll off container rental and the best DIY projects for fall – part 2

This post is the second in a series on roll off container rental and the best DIY projects to take on this fall. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Best DIY projects for fall (continued)

Replace single pane windows with double pane

Many of us living in old southern homes have had to deal with replacing old single pane windows. Modern windows provide far and away better insulation, and they make a big difference in energy bills as well as how your home looks and feels. But replacing windows is a big job. Fortunately, R&R Containers has the perfect size roll off container rental to make cleaning up after your project a breeze.

Fallen leaves pictured. fall cleanup - roll off container rental

Refinish or replace a deck

Refinishing a deck will make sure winter weather doesn’t damage it. You’re probably not going to replace your deck just because it’s fall, but if you’ve been planning on doing it, fall is a great time. Replacing a deck is also a great way to increase the appeal of your home if you’re thinking of selling, but even a good refinishing job will help if the deck isn’t too far gone. Cooler fall temperatures make it a great time to work outside, and a roll off container rental is the perfect way to get rid of the debris from the old deck.

Power washing and exterior paint

Fall is a great time to make sure your home’s exterior is up to snuff. That way it won’t get damaged over the winter. You probably won’t need a roll off container rental for either, but we’re here if you need some junk hauling services for the stuff you clean up along the way!

Clean the gutters

Now the down and dirty – gutter cleaning. Nobody wants to do it, but it has to be done to keep water from pooling up and causing problems. If you’ve got a roll off container rental for another project, that’s a great time to clean out the gutters and easily dispose of that debris!

Roll off container rental and the best DIY projects for fall – part 1

With fall fast approaching, you might be thinking about raking leaves and cleaning out the gutters. But there are a whole host of maintenance, repair, and upgrade tasks that fall is a great time to tackle. Of course, R&R Containers is here to help you clean up your property or the mess from your latest project with roll off container rental and junk hauling services. Let’s take a look at a few popular autumn projects, why you might do them, and why fall might be the best time to tackle them.

Fallen leaves pictured. fall cleanup - roll off container rental.

Best DIY projects for fall

Repair or replace your roof

The freeze and thaw cycle of winter will make any existing leaks in your roof worse due to the expansion of the ice. Plus, nobody wants to have to go up on the roof when it’s covered in ice. For both of these reasons, it’s a good idea to check for leaks and fix any you find before the real cold comes, whether that means repairing your roof or having it replaced. If you’re removing old shingles, a roll off container rental is a great way to keep your job site clean and get rid of the waste.

Add insulation to your attic

Once the temperatures drop, any place where cold can get into your home means you’re losing money. Going up in the attic during the summer can be torture, so that’s one great reason to wait until the temperatures start to drop before doing any work up there. But the pros know another trick – once it cools off you can find drafts in your attic much more easily, which allows you to find and block the leaks better.

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Weather Predictions for this Winter – Are You Ready? Part 2

This post is the second in a series on weather predictions for the 2018-2019 winter and preparing for the cold with roll off container rental and junk hauling services. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Old Farmer’s Almanac vs. Farmer’s Almanac (continued)

Thomas’ almanac was based on the idea that the key to predicting the weather was monitoring solar activity. Specifically, Thomas was concerned with sun spots – magnetic storms that move across the surface of the sun. Most solar flares and coronal mass ejections occur alongside sunspots. Nowadays, the Old Farmer’s Almanac has updated their methodology somewhat. They also integrate data from prevailing climate patterns, jet-stream fluctuations, ocean temperature records, and data from weather satellites.

A concept graphic of wintery weather. Roll off container rental

Young’s almanac, on the other hand, uses a secret formula passed down from its original author. They’re very hush-hush about what goes into this formula, but they do say that it takes into account solar activity, lunar activity, and the position of the planets. Unlike the Old Farmer’s Almanac; however, the Farmer’s Almanac doesn’t integrate modern satellite technology into their method.

What are the predictions for this winter?

When it comes to the ’18-’19 winter, the predictions of these two almanacs are a bit different. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts above normal temperatures for everywhere in the US except a small swath of the Southwest. They also predict above average levels of rain, and below average levels of snow. The Farmer’s Almanac, on the other hand, predicts a “teeth-chattering cold” winter, with above average amounts of snowfall for most of the US.

Be prepared for winter

With our almanacs disagreeing, and science unwilling to hazard a guess, what should we prepare for? Well, as the old saying goes, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Even if the Farmer’s Almanac is right, we should still have plenty of time to get our projects done and baton down the hatches before the real winter weather comes. So get that roll off container rental or junk hauling service set up now, and get ready!

Weather Predictions for this Winter – Are You Ready? Part 1

Summer is drawing to a close, although we might not be able to feel it yet here in the Southeast. There’s still time to knock out any last minute projects you’ve got in mind, and R&R containers is here to help with roll off container rental and junk hauling services!

It’s around this time of year that the Farmer’s Almanac and Old Farmer’s Almanac issue their predictions for the coming winter. So, what do they have to say about it? What does winter have in store for us? First, let’s get to know these two sources a little better, then we’ll take a look at their predictions for this winter.

A concept graphic of wintery weather. Roll off container rental

Old Farmer’s Almanac vs. Farmer’s Almanac

First off, let’s be clear about one thing: both of these almanacs intend as much to entertain as they do to inform. Nowadays, if we want to know what the weather will be like, we’re probably more likely to check an app on our smartphone than an almanac hanging on a nail in our outhouse.

Nonetheless, both the Old Farmer’s Almanac and the Farmer’s Almanac take their weather predictions seriously, and they both tend to be right more often than not. Modern meteorologists are a bit more skeptical. The Farmer’s Almanac makes their weather predictions 16 months in advance, while the Old Farmer’s Almanac makes theirs 18 months in advance. Modern meteorologists say that anything beyond a 10-14 day forecast is basically guesswork.

Both almanacs are very old. The first edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac was published in 1792 by a man named Robert Thomas. The Farmer’s Almanac, on the other hand was first released in 1818 by David Young.

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