Clean up check list for your construction project – waste not want not.

house under construction.

architecture and home renovation concept – architect drawing on blueprint using flexible ruller

The construction phase of your project is completed. Now on to the next step…clean up.

This is probably the least favorite of any part of the project but it doesn’t make it any less important. Since roll off containers play a vital part in this area, R & R Container Services developed a construction cleanup checklist to help our clients tackle the job efficiently.

Always start at the top and work your way down. Clean ceiling fans, crown molding and tops of door frames that may harbor debris. A damp towel on top of a broomstick works great for those high-up places. And now would probably be a good time to dust out the cobwebs from ceilings and corners.

Use a broom to dust off walls. Follow with a damp cloth to clean off smudges or scuff marks that might have happened during the project.

A putty knife or straight edge razor is a good tool to clean off any paint or spackle from door hinges and handles. Take a minute to oil your door hinges and clean out any dirt that may have gotten stuck in the knuckles or sleeves.

Removed any stickers from new windows and clean them so they look as new as they are. Make sure you don’t miss the sills!

Take down the light fixtures and clean them. We always used this as a science project to see what bugs have accumulated in the globe in the last year.

Gather up all the last bits of trash that have been swept into the corners.

Thoroughly vacuum all flooring and floor board/molding, making sure you get into the corners and along the edges. Check for nails and staples!

Once the tools and trash have been taken out, clean hardwood or tiled floors. Remember that the heavy duty cleaning will be much more convenient while the room is empty of furnishings.

Remember that most of your construction waste can be tossed into a roll off container, so you’ll be able to get rid of all that mess at one time.

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