Fun with trash and links to awesome science projects

R & R Container Services strives to learn more and more about environmental education. We want to provide our community with tips and how tos for becoming “Green”. Recycling Facts and Trivia is a great way to educate yourself about the life cycle of trash. After all, we want to leave the world clean for future generations.

To recycle or not? It really isn’t a question.

According to Recycle Across America less than 10% of businesses and only 35% of household recycle. If that percentage s can be raised to 75% it would generate new jobs and greatly benefit our natural resources, economy and environment. To learn more about Recycling Facts click here.

The trash stops where?

So what happens to all your trash? Three things can happen. It can be recycles. It can be taken to a landfill. It can be composted. So, the next time you toss something into the trash can think about where it will end up and how long it will be there.

LeVar Burton, from Star Trek, and Reading Rainbow created a video to talk about the Life Cycle of Trash.

The Life Cycle of Your Reusable Trash Scientific American Blog Network

Enjoy these links to science project ideas. You never know when the next Einstein will be born!

Environmental Science Project Ideas


Environmental Science Fair Projects



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