This post is the second in a two part series. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Tips for using and disposing of fireworks safely (continued)

Contact your local fire department, landfill, or waste disposal company to learn about options for safely disposing of fireworks in your community.
If you intend to store unused fireworks for New Years or Independence Day next year, make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place. Don’t store them on top of or near electrical appliances, as a power surge or lightning strike could cause them to ignite.

People grilling pictured. BBQ waste disposal

Safe BBQ waste disposal

Another potential source of fire danger surrounding independence day is BBQ coals and ashes, so it’s important to consider BBQ waste disposal, too. Another 9600 fires start each year because of a household grill, and July is the number one month for fires started by BBQs. Even more frightening, over 16000 Americans end up in the emergency room each year due to injuries caused by their household grills.

Here are a few strategies for using your grill safely:

  • Make sure your setup is safe. Clear away any fallen limbs or dry grass from the grill area. Never try to move a grill while it’s hot.
  • If you’re grilling with charcoal, be sure only to add lighter fluid to cold coals. Spraying on extra lighter fluid in an attempt to save the fire can cause a flash fire and severe injuries.
  • Many BBQ fires are caused by ash that seemed like it went out, only to re-ignite later. Make sure your ash is completely cool before you clean it out, and keep ashes in a fireproof container. If you grill with lump charcoal, you can spread the ashes on your garden or compost pile. If you use briquette charcoal, however, it’s best not to spread it on your garden. Briquette charcoal can contain additives that, while they help it burn easier, are toxic to plants and people.

If you’re in need of fireworks disposal, ash disposal, or disposal of yard or other waste disposal, R&R containers can help. Give us a call today for a fast quote on junk hauling or roll off container services.