At R&R containers, we want to be your first call when you’ve got junk.

Whether it’s an attic or basement cleanup, a remodel, or a moving or estate cleanup, we’re your locally owned and operated source for fast, friendly junk hauling services.

Junk hauling services - get that unsightly junk out of your life

We all know what a pain junk can be. Personally, it always bothers me when I see my neighbors leaving their junk out. In my neighborhood, some people seem to believe if they leave their junk out by their trash can, it will disappear. They must know the garbage man isn’t going to take anything that isn’t in the can, but they still do it.

Last week, my neighbor even leaned an old box spring up against his dumpster, like he was saying, “here, now you have to move this to get to the can, you might as well take it, right?” Well, lo and behold, trash day comes and goes, and he still has a full dumpster with a box spring leaned up against it. If only he’d gotten some professional junk hauling services!

Fast, friendly junk hauling services

Getting rid of unsightly, unwanted junk doesn’t have to be a chore. At R&R Containers, we offer free estimates, and over-the-phone quotes. We’re a small, local business and we keep our service area small, too. This means we save on fuel costs, and we pass that savings on to you! With R&R, you’ll never get hit with disposal costs or hidden fees. Once you say the word, your junk disappears!

From seasonal clean outs, to storm debris, to rental home clean ups, R&R has you covered! Got more than a little junk? We also offer twelve and fifteen cubic yard roll off containers, so we’ve got the perfect size service for every job.

Give us a call today to make that pile of junk a thing of the past!