Becoming Recycling Responsible takes a great deal of effort initially.

Remember back when we, as a nation, began recycling. When I was a child, living in Michigan, we always collected and returned beverage bottles and cans. We would return them to the grocery store, Meijer’s, where they’d literally count the bottles and cans by hand and give us a voucher for $.10 per that we could pay toward our grocery bill. That was in the 1970’s.

recycling responsible

Kennesaw State Recycling Responsible – View the Power Point

Kennesaw State University Leads with Recycling Responsible Efforts

In 2012, Kennesaw State University compiled a slide show exposing the work and dedication involved in a successful recycling program. The slide show is a pictorial showcase of following recyclables from classroom to recycled product.

They also developed a video that is fun: Here is the Video Link. 

As you can see in the slideshow, recycling is still performed by actual human hands. The sorting process has not yet been completely automated. There are machines used for purposes of movement and baling but it actually requires human eyes and hands to sort.

Sorting Similar Commodities:

In order to understand why sorting is so complicated we can look at plastic to explain. There are seven categories of plastic. The categories, as marked on each product, identify what the plastic is made from. Based on that, we can define how it needs to be recycled and what other items are similar. Read about Plastic Recycling.

R & R Containers in Acworth, GA is a Recycling Responsible Company. We commend Kennesaw State University for a great example for others in their commitment to reduction of landfill waste.