How do I dispose of old paint cans?

old paint cans

How many cans of old paint are taking up space in your garage, closet or basement? If you are like most of us, you could probably open a small paint store. The problem is paint dries up, no matter how well it is stored or it becomes out-dated. When was the last time you used that can of burnt orange on a wall? Your daughter was 7 and now she is finishing up her last year of college. Besides, burnt orange did not make this year’s top 100 paint colors.

There is no better time like the present to dispose of unused and dried out paint. But how? Most trash pick-up services won’t take old paint cans that have any amount of liquid in them. Plus, paint can be toxic and needs to be disposed of properly so that dangerous materials are not leached into the environment.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is paint you can clean up with soap and water. A safe way to dispose of latex paint is to add equal parts of kitty litter. If your paint can is more than half full you can pour the paint into another container and mix in the litter. Mix it up and let it sit for an hour. You can now toss the dried paint in the can in the garbage. Please remember to remove the lid.

Oil-based Paint

Oil-based paint is paint you need to clean up with mineral spirits or paint thinner. Because this type of paint is flammable and contains harmful solvents, pigments and resins, the Environmental Protection Agency deems them hazardous. In other words, never pour oil-based paint on the ground or dump it in the trash. Instead, visit GA’s DEPA for the safest way to dispose of oil-based paints.

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