Summer and swimming go hand in hand- so keep everyone safe this summer by knowing the pool safety rules.

pool safety

It’s been a hot summer. Luckily we still have several weeks left to enjoy it. The hotter it is, the more we want to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. Taking the kids to the pool and enjoying the weather is what summer is all about. Drownings are a fear parents always have to consider, especially during the summer months. So here are a few things to consider to keep everyone safe.

Most drownings and pool accidents happen in apartment complex and backyard pools. They are almost always ‘swim at your own risk’ environments. There is a technique called “water watcher” that can help lower accidents. A responsible adult is assigned to watch out for everyone in the pool, especially the kids. The idea is to rotate this responsibility to another responsible adult. This is crucial at pools that do not have a lifeguard. Here are 4 important pool rules to follow:

Supervision: Never take your eyes off children in and around the water.

Use barricades. Fences, with self-closing/self-latching gates and secured doors with alarms can prevent young children from wandering into the pool.

Avoid the chance of getting trapped. Suction from a pool’s drain is so powerful it can trap an adult underwater. Be sure to check for and replace missing or broken drain covers.

Learning how to swim: To stay safe in the water, all family members should learn how to swim. Those who cannot swim should wear approved floatation devices.

CPR knowledge can save a life.  Learn CPR and basic water rescue skills.This can truly be a life or death skill to have.

Being observant and following these pool safety rules can help keep everyone safe. Summer just isn’t summer without trips to the pool.  R&R Container Service wants you and your family to have a safe summer! Please contact us for any of your container or hauling service needs.

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