Marietta is not discontinuing recycling, we are changing how we recycle.

At the beginning of city wide recycling programs, residents and business owners would have to separate and deliver recyclable to collection sites. Then solid waste would come to the home or business to pick up the already separated materials. Now, as technology has improved and funds are made available to upgrade equipment, solid waste is capable of separating “on location.”

Recycling separates


Marietta is proud to offer this service, as a city, to its residents and business owners at this time. Solid Waste of Marietta has posted this:


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MARIETTA – All red and green dumpsters labeled “SP” that were previously used to recycle newspapers will no longer be emptied and their contents will not be recycled, so please do not place anything in these dumpsters as they are out of commission. Please, just put the paper in your curbside recycling bin. Thanks so much for your efforts through the years!

For more information regarding the City’s environmental services or to request a recycling bin, please visit the website.

This is the next phase for recycling materials that is a much more convenient model for residents and businesses. There are still recycling centers around the city and county accepting materials as listed in the document attached.

City of Marietta Solid Waste Management Plan

R & R Containers is very proud of the differences our community is making in recycling to protect our environment.