This article is the second in a three part series on downsizing and decluttering, organizational strategies, and junk hauling. If you haven’t already read part 1, I recommend you do before continuing.

First decluttering and organizing, then junk hauling

What it all comes down to is downsizing your possessions will save you time and money while making you happier!


Many have found that owning less simplifies their lives. R&R is here to help with junk hauling services.

Alright, so we’ve established the benefits of downsizing and organizing your space. But how can we approach such a daunting task? Let’s take a look at some decluttering tips:

The 4 (or 5) box method

For this technique, you’ll designate 4 different bins to 4 clean up categories. Big plastic tubs work well, but you can use any kind of container you have on hand. The 4 categories are:

Things to put away – for items left out of their assigned spots
Things to repair – for things that need fixing. Be careful with this one! Only keep things that you actually plan to repair and use.
Things to donate – When was the last time you used it? If you can’t remember, someone else could probably make better use of it.
Things to throw away/recycle – think of old greeting cards, junk mail, paid bills, etc. You will probably need 2 bins for this one unless you plan to sort your garbage from your recycling later.

Divide and conquer

One reason decluttering your home can be so daunting is because it initially seems like an insurmountable task. But, as they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For this method, make a list of decluttering or organizing tasks. Your list should contain both big, time-consuming jobs (reorganize and clean the garage), and small, quick-and easy ones (clean off the entryway table). Then, tackle your list one item at a time. Have a few extra minutes? Pick something easy from your list. Got a whole afternoon to spend? Choose something more involved. Once you’re done, be sure to check it off the list so you can get the sense of accomplishment that comes with progress!

Check back soon for R&R Containers is here to help you declutter with junk hauling services, part 3!