When you order a dumpster for a clean up project, you may imagine you can put anything in it.

Of course you do. You call the company, they bring you the dumpster, they take it and dump it at the landfill. Who cares what’s in it? Well, believe it or not, there are standards to which the Roll Off Service Provider is responsible to ensure the load does not contain any special/hazardous waste materials.

special waste

Items that require special arrangements to dispose legally.

This is a list of Acceptable Waste, obtained from AugustaGA.Gov for your Rented Dumpster:

  • Household waste: garbage, trash, sanitary waste, furniture (non-metallic), televisions, porcelain products, mattresses, and appliances derived from single and multiple family residences, hotels, motels, crew quarters, picnic grounds, day-use recreation facilities, bunkhouses, and ranger stations.
  • Inert waste: non-hazardous waste soil, concrete, cured asphalt, rock, bricks, yard trimmings, stumps, limbs, logs, untreated and unpainted lumber, leaves, and pine straw.
  • Construction and Demolition waste: waste building materials and rubble resulting from construction, remodeling, repair, paving, and demolition operations. This includes such items as wood, brick, concrete, metal, wallboard, insulation, and other non-hazardous building materials.
  • Metal waste: pipe, wire, washers and dryers, refrigerators (all coolant must be removed prior to transporting to landfill) lawnmowers, wheels, and other large metal household items.
  • Tires: solid or pneumatic rubber tires are accepted, but must be placed in the area
    specifically designated and demarcated for this waste.
  • Industrial waste: non-hazardous solid waste, including food products, metal, leather and leather products, plastics, pulp, paper, stone, glass, and concrete. Depending on the specific nature and volume of the waste, the landfill may require that special handing and/or testing be conducted on industrial waste. Customers planning to dispose of such waste should contact the landfill for additional information prior to shipment.

These are the Restricted Items:

Industrial Waste

Asbestos Containing Waste

Bio-hazardous Waste

Petroleum Contaminated Soil

Refrigerant Containing Waste
Read to clarify the restrictions at AugustaGA.Gov

If you are concerned about the materials you need to dispose of, Call us! We will be happy to assist you!