Where does all the plastic go?

polluted river bank from trash - mostly plastic bags and bottlesWhether we have recycled it into a new shape, have it sitting in a landfill or destroying someone’s natural habitat, nearly all plastic that we produce is somewhere on this planet. And the effects it has on our ecosystem could be catastrophic. A study conducted by the Plastic Disclosure Project says that plastic negatively affects more than 700 species of birds and animals. Research has also shown that more than half of all sea turtles have eaten some form of a plastic bag and by 2050 all seabirds will have digested plastic. However, it’s not just the wildlife that’s at risk.  According to Environmental Health News, some substances found in plastic, can be absorbed by the human body and yield negative effects to human health.

So the question that we must ask our-self:

“How can I use less plastic?”

A. Keep reusable shopping bags in your car.

Did you know, that you use roughly 360 plastic grocery bags each year? That comes up to about 100 billion per year worldwide. Even though most people reuse these plastic bags around the house, eventually they will end up in a landfill or a sewage drain.

  1. Don’t use straws!

The number 1 picked up trash on the beach is straws, that’s no surprise when over 6 million straws have been produced in the last 25 years!

  1. Buy in bulk.

Not only will buying in bulk help the environment, it will also keep money in your wallet! A study conducted showed that if we started buying in bulk, we would save 100 million lbs. of trash that would normally go straight to a land fill!

There are many more options to help go plastic free, and everyone can do their share!

Even if all you’re doing is not using a straw.

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Whatever your roll off dumpster needs entail, R&R wants to be your go-to local, friendly, and reliable service because we know where all the plastic goes and can take care of our environment.

R&R Container would like to wish all our military a blessed day on this Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service.