If you are ready to start enjoying your yard, it’s time to start pruning the trees!

trim the trees

As the weather warms up, we like to enjoy more time outdoors. If your trees and shrubs have overtaken your walkways, porch and gazebo, you are definitely thinking about pruning the trees. There are many tips available that we’ve compiled for your here.

To beautify your yard: Cutting off dead limbs or removing sections while pruning the trees, you’re giving your tree a whole new look. Like going to the barber or beauty salon.

To help the tree grow: When you remove dead, diseased or broken limbs you can literally help the tree grow healthier, stronger and faster because your tree will not be trying to heal itself.

To encourage fruit production: Pruning a fruit tree you may have encourages the growth of spurs, which will produce fruit the following year.

To remove hazardous branches: Tree Hazards impact people, animals and man-made structures. By far, this is the most imperative reason for pruning your trees. The dead branches fall very easily during high winds or a severe storm. Even when weather conditions are ideal, these branches may fall. Other hazardous branches include ones hanging over the roof of your home and ones growing into electric lines. Additionally, cracks in the tree, decay, cankers and poor root growth are all able to cause safety issues.

To treat disease: By pruning the tree limb if it is diseased you are literally removing is and preventing the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree.

Call your local private dumpster rental company to get a dumpster large enough to remove your pruning waste.