Has Winter Weather Damaged Your Home?

Has winter weather damaged your home causing loose gutters, roof leaks, broken pipes and/or siding issues?  Here’s what to look for as Spring begins to blossom in beautiful Acworth, Georgia.  

Has winter weather damaged your home?  shingles on a roof missing and torn off.  

Loose Gutters

It only takes a little snow and freezing temperatures to form ice dams along the edge of your roof.  These dams can dislodge gutters and shingles.  Falling debris can crush gutters, sending  the flow of water under shingles instead of into the ground.  Carefully, examine your gutters for any damage to ensure they are working properly, especially as those Spring rains begin to fall. 

Roof leaks

Winter storms can damage a roof in different ways.  Hail and falling debris can damage shingles.  High winds can lift shingles or tear them right off of the roof. Heavy rains can cause water to pool, creating or worsening leaks.  Before a watermark begins to grow on your ceiling call a professional roofing company to give your roof a once over. 

Siding Damage

Severe cold weather, or extreme changes in temperature, can cause exterior paint to crack.  Water loves to find these tiny cracks and seep in between the siding and the paint.  Once this happens  the paint will begin to peel and mold will form.  Sealing the holes with water-proof paint stops further damage.  

Frozen pipes

When water freezes inside your pipes, the pipes expand and often crack.  The leak may be small at first but left untreated it will quickly grow until the pipe finally bursts, flooding your home.  If you have pipes that are exposed, wrapping them with heat tape will keep them from freezing. Shut off the water to any outside pipes that aren’t being used.  

If you do find you need to replace roofing, siding or flooring caused by winter storm damage, call your local roll-off container rental company.  They will be happy to provide you with the correct size roll-off container to meet your needs.  

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