How to Make a Small Home Feel Big

How to make a small home feel big with these inventive ideas and organizational tricks.  When space is limited, it’s time to get resourceful, think big and utilize all the square footage that you can.  Follow the tips below to make your home spacious and comfortable.

How to make your small home feel big

In the living room

  • Before you buy a big bulky chair or block table, look at furniture with exposed legs and no arms. They will give the room a more open feel.
  • Avoid huge storage pieces and opt for built in shelves or floating bookcases. This will free up floor space.  Also, furniture such as benches or ottoman’s that have built in storage space are a good option.
  • Paint the walls a neutral color to keep it bright and airy. Add mirrors, especially if the windows are small or non-existent.
  • Be savvy and mount the TV on the wall. Entertainment centers are for huge basements and family rooms.  Not for small homes or apartment.

How to make a small home feel big

In the kitchen

  • Try to keep the countertops decluttered. Add floating shelves to help with small appliances or magnetic strips to hang utensils.
  • Similar to your living room, use light colors to help reflect light and make your kitchen appear larger.
  • Stay with light colored kitchen chairs and stools that aren’t bulky or oversized.

In the bathroom

  • Floating vanities or pedestal sinks will free up floor space. Baskets make great options for towels and linens.  Add a shelf or rack over the toilet to hold toiletries and such.
  • Medicine cabinets with a mirror will work two-fold. The mirror will help reflect light to make the room appear larger and hold toiletries.  Other mirrors of odd shapes like diamond, star or oval will help as well.
  • Change out the bathroom door for a pocket door. Pocket doors are way cooler.

How to make a small home feel big

In the bedroom

  • Chose a headboard that has shelves for books and built in reading lamps.
  • Toss out the nightstand and build floating shelves around the bed. Nab a lobster pot or old crate, turn it upright.  Now you have a place to store a basket or more books if you are a book junky.
  • Light colored gauzy curtains will show off your windows and let in a lot of natural light.
  • Keep your closets and drawers de-cluttered. Remember this rule – if you haven’t worn it or used it in six months toss it out!

Another tip is to create rooms that are multifunctional.  Let the laundry area also be the “mud room”.  A small kitchen counter can be a prep area or computer work space.  It just takes is a little organization, and you can easily make your small home feel bigger.

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