Roll-off Container Rentals vs. Dumpster Bags

Roll-off container rentals vs. dumpster bags to help with remodeling projects and/or house decluttering.  Even the smallest project can produce a huge pile of trash.  For instance, a small bathroom can produce up to a 150 lbs. per square foot of debris.  That can add up quickly. So, what is the best option?

Roll-off Container Rentals vs. Dumpster Bags

  • Haul the stuff yourself to the dump (this could get expensive and time consuming)
  • Purchase a dumpster bag
  • Rent a roll-off container

Most people are familiar with roll-off containers but less so with dumpster bags.  A dumpster bag is a portable, small collapsible container that you can use to dispose of a variety of materials. Bags can be purchased from home improvement stores or online retailers.  Once the dumpster bag is filled, a waste management company will need to be contacted to pick up and dispose of it.  Note, pick up service for bags isn’t available in all municipalities.  Before you purchase a dumpster bag, call your local waste management to confirm curbside service. 

To Bag or Not to Bag

  • A dumpster bag is only good for three cubic yards or less of debris. It is about a 600-gallon container and roughly eight by four by 2.5 feet high.
  • The maximum weight is around 3,000 pounds, so if your project involves heavy materials like rock, sand or bricks, after one cubic yard you will be at your weight limit.  
  • Dumpster bags are nowhere near as sturdy as a metal roll-off container.
  • Dumpster bags are reusable.
  • Dumpster bags are convenient for small jobs.

To Roll-off Container or Not to Roll-off Container

  • Roll-off containers come in different sizes. They start as small as 10 cubic yards and go all the way up to 40 cubic yards.
  • Roll-off containers are delivered to your door and picked up when you are finished.
  • Roll-off containers are designed to be easy on driveways and lawns.

Choosing the Best Roll-off Container Rental Company

R & R Container Service of Acworth, Ga. offers services to both residential and commercial customers. Calls are taken 7 days a week and containers are promptly delivered on-site to your home or business. Their roll-off containers are safe for parking lots and driveways, and have side entrances to carry in large or heavy objects. Do your part for a cleaner refuse collection and call R & R Container Service today for a free estimate and quote by phone.

They pride themselves on being family owned and operated with a friendly, professional and prompt service that keeps their customers coming back when they need them most.  770-975-9554