Teach Children Not to Litter

Teach children not to litter because it’s never too early to start talking to them about the environment and topics such as pollution, recycling and tossing trash on the ground.

Teach Children Not To Litter

Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.   During one of his talks he made the comment, “always leave a place better than you found it”.  How many people do that?  How many people pick up an extra piece of trash in the park, playground, street or other public place?   Just think about how much safer and healthier the world would be if everyone followed Jim Rohn’s rule.   

Litter is bad for the earth, especially plastic litter. When plastic lies on the ground for a long time, chemicals in the plastic leach out into the soil and poison the plants in that area.

Litter on the ground injures thousands of animals every year.

Litter that washes into the ocean kills over a million birds and sea life every year.

Plus, it’s an eyesore!

Here are few ideas to teach children about litter:

Look for Litter

Visit a nearby park or public place with your kids that is heavily littered.  Play the game “what doesn’t belong in this picture”.  See how long it takes before they notice the trash.  Ask them if they like seeing trash on the ground?  Talk to them about keeping parks and public places clean and how much nicer it would be for everyone if the world was free of litter.  Have disposable gloves with you so that you can each pick up a few pieces of trash. 

Trash Bin Awareness

Take a walk through the neighborhood with your kids.  Explain the difference between a trash can and a recycling bin.  Ask what items might go into a recycle bin.  Ask what items might go into a trash bin. 

Litter Art

A litter hunt is like a scavenger hunt.  Take a day trip to the park and with gloves, collect litter.  The dirty litter can be placed in the correct bin.  Clean litter can be used to create a collage or piece of art.  Make a fun game out of it.  Make up stories about people who litter. 

Lead by Example

One of the most effective ways to teach kids not to litter is to set a good example.  Children mimic what they see adults doing. You should always be conscious about the environment and make an effort not to litter, but this should hold especially true when you are with your child.

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