The History of the Roll-off Container

The history of the roll-off container started when humans began using more non-biodegradable items than biodegradable.  Items such as pottery, knives and furniture were either passed through the families, burned in fire pits or buried in burial grounds.  As civilization advanced, especially in major cities, non-biodegradables began littering the streets and the need for alternative waste disposal arose.  

The History of the Roll-off Container

Solid Waste Disposal Act (SWDA)

On October 20th, 1966, the SWDA became law. This was an effort to address the nations waste problems through research projects, investigations, experiments, training, demonstrations, surveys, and studies. Ten years after this law was passed it became obvious that it would not resolve the growing mountain of waste consuming the country.

The Industrial Age

Then came the Industrial Age.  Cities were booming and soon became overpopulated.  Waste filled the streets.  By the mid-1970s public waste management systems were put into effect, but the refuse was not taken to landfills or controlled areas.  It was dumped into places like the Thames River and Hudson Bay. 

Better Options for Garbage Removal

The first garbage trucks were large containers on wheels and pulled by horses.  Motorized vehicles weren’t evented until the early part of the 20th century.  But when they rolled off the assembly line, they were equipped with dumping levers and hydraulic compactors.  Thus began the era of the modern trash truck.

More Sophisticated Dumpsters

After World War II America saw a new boom.  Families began moving into urban cities and suddenly construction projects were popping up everywhere.   The need for better and more efficient dumpsters gave birth to the roll-off containers.

And Now You Know!

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