What is Your Winter Project?

What is your winter project because sitting around, watching TV and eating Holiday goodies should only be an indulgent we partake in one week out of the year?  Okay, maybe two weeks if you count Thanksgiving.

What is Your Winter Project?

Turn Your Basement into an Entertainment Room.

So, what is at the top of your to-do list? Redo the basement, remodel the bathroom or replace the kitchen countertops that been an eye sore since the day you moved in?  There will always be an excuse not to start a project but be honest, how good will it feel to walk into a beautiful new bathroom?  And what better time than right now!

But what do you do with all the scrap material and debris when it’s freezing outside? Call your local Acworth, GA Roll-off Container Rental Company.

Here’s What They Will Tell You

  • Renting a roll-off container at this time of year won’t be a problem. It is during peak summer months, when everyone is taking advantage of the nice weather that R & R Container Services has trouble filling all the rentals requests.
  • Their containers are safe for pavements and yards and are residential friendly. That means they snug up close and conveniently to your house.
  • They will promptly pick up the container and dispose of the waste when you’re done using it – it’s just that simple!
  • Georgia’s winter weather is typically docile so there is no concern about the company cancelling delivery of the roll-off container. There was one time, on Saturday, March 13, 1993, that the snow began falling early that morning, and by the time it had tapered off, nearly 3 feet had fallen across parts Georgia.  That day, no roll-off containers were delivered.  That was a day to sit on the couch, watch TV and eat comfort food.
  • Their containers are ideal for residential clean-outs, seasonal trash and debris, and commercial construction or demolition sites.
  • They only charge you for only the space you use in the container.

Are You Ready to Start That Winter Project?

Call today for an estimate and to talk to a professional at R & R Roll-off Containers Rental Services at 770-975-9554.