The Best Placement for your Roll-off Container in Acworth, GA.

R $ R roll-off container filled with debrisRoll-off container rentals can fit multi-purpose jobs, projects and clean-ups but can they fit just anywhere on your property?  Deciding where you are going to place the container is almost as important as selecting the correct size that you will need.

Once you decide on the size of the dumpster, 12 or 15 cubic yards, than measure out the area to ensure the space can accommodate the container.  Take into consideration that the delivery truck must be able to drive in and drop off the dumpster.  Some advice – go twice as big as you think you will need.

Another thing to keep in mind is the damage a container can do to lawns or driveways.  Of course, anything left on grass for any period of time will kill it but if you absolutely need to put a roll-off container in one of those spots, put down planking.  Wooden planks will protect the asphalt or cement from scratches and minimize damage to lawns.

Next, make sure the area does not have any low hanging wires or branches that can get in the way.  Don’t put the container where other people may park or where the delivery or pick-up area can become blocked.  You may be making several trips back and forth to the container, you don’t want to have to run the gauntlet with armfuls of debris.

This brings up our next point.  Think about where you are going to be working.  You want the container close for easy access.  You don’t want to be hauling a wheel barrow or cart over rough terrain, up and down hills or through your wife’s flower bed.  Try to place the container near the job site.

Take the weather into consideration.  Plan your project when the forecast isn’t for rain or sleet over the next week.  Even if you are working indoors, you will need to make trips outside to the dumpster.

If you are renovating, have your plans and building materials ready so that you start your project as soon as your dumpster arrives.

Give your neighbors a heads up.  You would hate to find out that a graduation party or wedding shower was taking place next door while you have a roll-off container parked near their property line.

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