Biofuel is fuel derived directly from living matter. Simple? No!

In this scene The Doc is putting food into his “Mr. Fusion” to create fuel. Oh the foresight. Back in 1989, someone imagined that food could be fuel. They were right.

Creating Biofuel is not simple. Reading about it is like sitting in a college chemistry course. Please click HERE for a full discussion by The bottom line is that biofuel uses agricultural products like corn and soybeans to create fuel instead of non living things like oil. The great thing about biofuel is that we can reproduce it easily and inexpensively; however, because of the almighty dollar, the oil companies are not interested in letting any of their profit slip away.

biofuel technology

The Industry of Biofuel is promoted at the governmental level in Europe. has an article about this European movement and how it will provide tens of thousands of jobs. The article focuses obtaining living waste from trash as opposed to straight out of fields.

bio fuel

Imagine, as you are sorting your cardboard, cans and plastics into your recycling bin, you also have a container for food waste. Have you ever had a compost pile? Same stuff. The article makes reference to the sorting taking place at the landfill, not in the home.

Is BioFuel a reasonable fuel source?

Yes. The answer is simple. The complicated part is financial. Turning crops into fuels is a technology. It needs to be developed and development requires money. There are many massive companies who have an interest in oil remaining our primary source of fuel. Basically, until l oil runs out or become too expensive for us to buy, there will be no other fuel source. Of course this is just my opinion.

Next time you drive past a wide field of beautiful green crops remember that one day that will fuel your car, your home, you business.