First time renting a roll off container? There’s a few things you should probably know before you get one!

R and R ContainerHere are some tips for your first time renting a dumpster!

1. Don’t over fill the roll off container!

Most of the containers have tarps that go over them, but you should never fill it up over the limit, or with too much heavy material. Not only is it very illegal to do so, it’s also dangerous for other drivers. Please keep this in mind! You may be asked to empty out a lot of the dumpster if it’s filled too much.

2. Roll off containers have a door on the back of them.

There’s only one direction trucks can load the roll off container, and that’s with the door facing the truck. When finding a place to put your dumpster, remember you need about an 8 foot clearance for the door to swing open because once the containers is placed it’s going to be very difficult to move!

3. Close the door back up.

If you end up opening the door of the container, make sure you close it and latch is tightly! Waste that falls out during transportation can cause accidents and a be a huge liability. Keep the roads safe and clean from litter.

4. Load flatter, heavier items on top instead of small loose things.

Avoid putting loose debris on the top of your container, while tarps are put over them, smaller objects could potentially blow out. Instead, put bigger, flat items like doors, concrete slabs and other things to hold it all down on the top. Try to refrain from putting sharp objects at the top, as this might rip the tarp.

5. Call for a pick up.

Although there is a rental time, most companies do not normally come and pick it up until they are notified. Some people need the dumpster for less time and others for more time. When you are done give the rental company a call so that they know to come pick up their roll off container!

There you go! Some frequently asked questions and issues that we see. We hope it was helpful. Per usual, give us a call or visit our website and we can walk you through any roll off container rental questions you may have! Have a great and clean day.