Old tires – what to do with the old ones.

old tire made into a very pretty tire swingCome on, admit it… It feels absolutely amazing when you successfully dispose of unwanted stuff around your house. Sometimes though, getting rid of things can be quite tricky, like tires.

Whenever you need to get somewhere, your tire buddies will get you there. One day they’ll wear out and leave you asking, “What do I do with these?”

Before you decide to throw them out, here are several things you should know about tire disposal.

Keep them separate from your roll off container.

Tires, very much like other household items, require special care when being thrown out. While you can simply throw them in your dumpster and be done with them, they can’t be recycled that way.

If you have a roll off container, you should call ahead of time and tell the company you need to dispose of tires and they’ll guide you through the steps of what you should do.

Where can you throw away old tires?

Over half of the states have laws about leaving tires in landfills. They don’t break down very easily at all, take up a large amount of space and the compost can cause ecological problems. They also can produce methane gas, which damage landfill liners, causing landfill waste to seep into the ground and pollute nearby water sources.

If you’ve decide to do something else with your tires, here are some ideas.

A lot of car services will take your old tires if you buy new ones from them. Be sure to check your local recycling facility to see if they take tires. Certain cities even have prearranged days where residents can drop off their old tires for free. Contact your solid waste management agency for more information.

Fun ways to use old tires.

If you’ve become emotionally attached to your tires, you don’t have to throw them away, there’s plenty of really cool things you can do with them!

Beside the typical tire swing, you can make a cool garden with them. Make sure to clean off the tires with soapy water, then place them in the ground with soil and plants. Make sure you stick with non-edible plants though, they can absorb chemicals from the tires and you wouldn’t want to eat that!

You could cut the tires up and make a garden border, if you’re feeling crafty, you could make tables, furniture and a whole bunch of really need stuff! You just need a little imagination and the internet!

Take a moment before you get rid of old tires!

If you’re not sure exactly what to do with them still, do a little research, ask your neighbors and friends, call your city and then touch base with R and R Container Services in Marietta, GA. for all your Roll Off Container needs. After all, we should all be responsible with our tires.