How to choose the correct size roll off container because size matters

roll off container demensionsThere will be thousands of reasons why you might want to rent a roll off container, but if you’re not a company you probably don’t do this often. A lot of the times, people take roll off containers for granted and don’t understand where all the trash goes. If you’ve found that you have a special project; home renovation, yard clean up, moving, etc. You’re probably going to need a roll off container.

So how do you know what size Roll off container is right?

Learn the sizes

Roll-off containers come in many different sizes, dumpsters are measured by how much they hold in cubic yards. You’re average roll off container dimensions are 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 to 5 feet tall. When all possible, try to measure your waste and get an understanding of how big a roll off container you need, this could save you a lot of money.

You also need to check where to place your roll off container, make sure the area is large enough for a truck to place it down.

Get Opinions

Another alternative is to ask the professionals. If this a big construction project and you have hired a contractor check with them. A good contractor can give you a close estimate of the size of container you will need since they do this sort of clean up all the time.

If you have teenagers make this the challenge of the day by seeing who can come closest to figuring out the correct estimate. Of course, this would probably warrant a special pizza night.

You can also ask the company you’re renting the roll off container from. They may even have a special way to calculate waste from different renovation projects, or clean ups. We’re sure they have seen it all.
Keep in mind that trucks can’t pick up an overloaded container if it’s filled with heavy waste. So make sure you have the right size!

And always make sure to tell the company what you’re putting in the dumpster, not only will it help them determine what size to get, but some household items and construction things are hazardous. So always check if you’re allowed to throw it away!

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