Roll off dumpsters – make sure there is no third party trash

R & R Roll off dumpsterDumpster brokers are most of the time, the middleman of the dumpster business. They’re not as evil as you might first believe, but it’s best for you and your wallet to stay clear of them. Brokers normally pretend to be one of your local dumpster services, when actually, they don’t own any roll off dumpsters. They’re probably not even from your state!

After you’ve contacted a broker, they’ll call up a local company and tell them everything you’ve said to the broker. What’s the problem with this? First off, you’ll pay more. Brokers add on extra charges so they can take a cut of the profit before paying the local company. Secondly, you’re not in direct contact with the actual delivery company. This can often result in poor service or confusion.

Dealing direct is far better than dealing with a broker.You can save much more money by going straight to your local container service and cutting out the middleman.

Dumpster brokers are very difficult to spot for the untrained eye, they’ll never tell you they’re a broker. Stick to a local container/roll off dumpster service.

Tips for finding a reputable and local dumpster service.

Be careful of those pesky 800 numbers! Most local dumpster people will have a local number instead of an 800. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something to consider.

If you’re going to book online for one, try to figure out who exactly you’re sending your information to. In other words, don’t enter all of your needs into an online form (e.g., personal info, type of debris, dumpster size requirement, etc.) unless you know where this information is going. A broker can use this information and will find a service for you, normally a cheap service, you also have no say in what company he chooses. You could easily get stuck with an expensive bill and/or a company with horrible customer service.

A reputable, local dumpster rental company will be licensed, insured and upfront about its pricing structure. Avoid dumpster websites that have vague, outdated information. You can always do a license check on a company by visiting your local government website, or check out its standing at the Better Business Bureau.

Since 1999, R & R Container Service has provided our residential, commercial, and industrial customers with superior, professional, and friendly roll off containers and waste management services with no middle-man.