Home Improvement Projects for Maximizing Resale Value and Roll Off Container Rentals

If you’re planning on selling your home, then you probably want to do everything you can to get top dollar. Oftentimes people selling their home will take on home improvement projects in an attempt to add resale value. However, if things go wrong or the homeowners choose the wrong things to sink their cash into, they can end up shelling out more than the improvements will add in value. So, what are the best home improvement projects to take on for your home’s resale value? Let’s take a look below. Of course, a great way to save money on many home improvement projects is with a roll off container rental from R&R Containers.

Best DIY Projects for ROI – and how a roll off container rental can help

  • Remodels – when many people think of value adding upgrades, they think of remodels. And it’s true that a kitchen or bath remodel can, in some cases, end up turning a profit. However, it’s easy to get too deep into these projects, and then they end up costing more than their worth, so keep an eye on the budget if you’re going to take one on. Of course, a roll off container rental is a great, cost effective way to get rid of the waste from your remodel.

Attic insulation pictured. Roll off container rental

  • Energy saving upgrades – while it might not be as flashy as a remodel, buyers are placing more and more emphasis on energy saving upgrades. Jobs like adding insulation to the attic or installing a smart thermostat don’t cost much compared to a remodel, and they can be very attractive to environmentally and budget minded buyers.
  • Boost curb appeal – there’s a reason why real estate agents put so much emphasis on curb appeal – there’s no second chance to make a first impression. While many jobs, like landscaping, might be more easily done in spring, there’s plenty of favorable winter weather here in the south to squeeze some projects in. A roll off container rental will prevent you from having to make trip after trip to the dump in the freezing cold!

Roll off container rental for commercial job sites

R&R Containers has been locally owned and operated in Acworth since 1999. We understand what it takes to be a small business owner in central Georgia, and we’re here to help you succeed. Commercial customers have a little bit different set of concerns than residential ones when it comes to roll off container rental. Since commercial operations are typically ongoing, it’s all about efficiency.

roll off containers for commercial jobs. Construction site pictured.

Buy local, save money

Buying local makes a big difference when it comes to dumpster rental. Most of the cost in refuse hauling is in the fuel it takes to haul the big, heavy containers. At R&R Containers, we keep our service area small, and we pass the savings in fuel costs on to our customers. Another way to make sure you’re getting the best price on your dumpster rental is to contract with the same people who will be delivering your dumpster. Many companies that claim to be dumpster rental companies are actually just agents. They contract with someone else to haul the container, and they add a middleman’s fee to the price the customer pays. Not at R&R Containers.

Save time, save money

Another important factor for commercial customers in particular is dumpster placement. When we drop off a container at a residence, there usually aren’t many choices on where we can put it. On larger, commercial job sites; however, location can make a big difference. If your employees have to carry debris a long way, you’re wasting man hours and increasing the likelihood of a workplace injury. At R&R, we strive to locate your container as close to the cleanup as possible so you can maximize your ROI.

Call R&R Containers today to get a free roll off container rental quote for your commercial job!

Preparing for and cleaning up after summer storms with roll off container rental, part 2

This post is the second in a two part series on summer thunderstorm cleanup, junk hauling, and roll off container rental. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

lightning strike pictured. Roll off container rental for summer storm clean up.

Tips for minimizing the impact of summer thunderstorms: (continued)

  • Protect your electronics – lightning is a major threat to all the electronic gadgets in our homes. A nearby strike can cause what is known as a power surge, overloading any electronics that are plugged in. Surge protectors offer a degree of protection, but they vary quite a bit in quality and capability. The safest bet is to unplug electronics from the socket if there’s lightning in the area, not just switch off the power strip.
  • Inspect your roof – roof damage can lead to immense costs if significant quantities of water get into your home. Inspect your roof for any signs of damage before storm season starts, and inspect it after each major storm. Although roof repairs can be costly, they will end up running a much larger tab if the problem goes unsolved.

Summer storm clean up

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions we take, no matter how thorough our preparedness, summer storms will always make a mess. After a big summer storm, it’s important to take stock of any damage or debris so you can get it cleaned up and fixed right away – that way it wont lead to bigger problems in the future. Let’s take a look at a couple things to check on after a big storm:

  • Downed trees, branches, or power lines – from blocking roads to smashing cars and homes, downed trees cause all sorts of problems. It’s a good idea to check for these first. If you see a downed power line, don’t approach it. Call the utility company and let them handle it.
  • Roof damage – wether caused by wind, hail, falling branches, or debris, roof damage can be very costly. Give your roof an inspection after each big storm and take care of any problems you find before you’re dealing with water damage inside.

No matter the size of your summer clean up, R&R containers has all of your junk hauling and roll off container rental needs covered. Need a pile of debris hauled off? Give us a call. Want to re-roof your home in preparation for the summer storm season? A roll off container is the perfect way to dispose of all those old shingles easily and efficiently.

Preparing for and cleaning up after summer storms with roll off container rental, part 1

Summer thunderstorm season is here

The heat of summer is here, and while that means ice cream and BBQ, it also means that strong summer storms are on the way. When it comes to summer storm preparation, there are some strategies you can employ ahead of time to make your home less vulnerable to storm damage. However, after the big storms roll through, there’s always going to be clean up to be done. R&R Containers offers both junk hauling services for smaller quantities of debris, and roll off container rentals for large scale clean ups.

Lightning strike pictured. Roll off container rentals for summer storm damage

Thunderstorms cause an immense amount of damage.

Each year, around 16 million thunderstorms occur globally. At any given moment, 2000 thunderstorms are causing injuries or damage somewhere on Earth. In the US in 2016, thunderstorms caused over $3.7 billion in property damage, not including tornadoes, hurricanes or tropical storms, or any associated flooding. (1)

Let’s take a look at some tips for minimizing the impact of summer thunderstorms on your home and property:

  • Falling trees – falling trees and tree branches are one of the most common causes of property damage during a summer thunderstorm. They can also be a threat to life and limb, albeit less frequently. Before storm season arrives, inspect trees around your property, paying particular attention to any that might be dead, rotted, infested with insects, or otherwise vulnerable to high winds. Depending on the degree of the problem, the tree may need to be trimmed or removed.
  • Drainage – make sure your gutters are clear so they can handle a heavy downpour if one arrives. If there are areas on your property that collect water, now is a great time to improve your drainage before the ponds form. Likewise, make sure all ditches and culverts are clear to keep potential floodwaters moving away from any structures.

Check back soon for Preparing for and cleaning up after summer storms, part 2! In the meantime, check out our page on roll off container rentals.

Source cited:

1 – http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/hazstats/sum16.pdf

Commercial Dumpster Rental

Buy Local for Your Commercial Dumpster Rental Needs

As a business owner or purchasing agent, your primary goal is efficiency. Stretching every dollar as far as you can is key to maintaining your competitive edge. At R&R containers, we understand this need. After all, we’re local business owners, too.

Shop local for commercial dumpster rental and save money

So, why is our commercial dumpster rental service the best, most efficient you can get? Here are three reasons:

  • First, we keep our service area small. Many other commercial dumpster rental companies will offer service over a large area. But in the roll off dumpster business, it all comes down to the hauling. When other companies haul your waste over a longer distance, they pass on the extra fuel costs to you. When you rent from R&R, you’re renting from your neighbor, so the costs stay low.
  • Second, dealing directly with a local business like R&R containers eliminates the middleman. Many companies who sell commercial dumpster rental services don’t actually provide the service, they just act as brokers. Dealing directly with us will ensure you get the lowest price.
  • Third, because we will strive to place your container as close as possible to the clean up area. We also offer containers with side entry for loading of heavy debris. That way, your employees will save energy and time loading the container – which means more productivity, and more money in your pocket.

With R&R containers you can save money, boost productivity, and keep your dollars local, all at the same time. Give us a call today for a free quote! We can serve all your commercial dumpster rental needs.

R & R Container Service honoring our Military this Veterans Day

R & R Container Service honoring our Military this Veterans Day. We understand without the women and men who serve, we would not have the freedom we enjoy today.

R & R Container Service will honor our Military this Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day for people to show their respects to those who have served. For one glorious day, please know that you are joined by so many around the world, who don’t spend their every waking moment living a military life, as you do. For one day, America bows their heads in awe of our veterans.

Originally, this holiday was called Armistice Day and was meant as a day of reflection for the heroism of those who died in the line of duty. On November 11th the Armistice was signed that ended World War I, thus giving the holiday it’s name, but in 1954, it was changed to Veterans Day in order to honor all veterans in all wars.

We see our brother veterans and young military members — our sons, daughters, grandchildren, husbands, wives and grandparents — and we can’t begin to image what they’ve been through in the name of our freedom. The depth of what they have witnessed is vast, and the appreciation we feel is deep.

Today, R & R Container takes the charge of Veterans Day to heart and is proud to honor America’s veterans for their service.

What are you doing this Veterans Day? Have you been taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather?

We think the answer is yes, because we have been extremely busy delivering and picking up roll-off containers during the month of October.

Our containers have been filled with construction debris, de-clutterings from basements, garages and attics, home improvement parts and tree trimmings. There definitely seems to be a lot happening in Acworth and the surrounding areas and we are grateful that you have chosen us to service all your hauling needs.

Have a blessed Veterans Day and for all who have served. Thank you!