Old Light Bulbs

Don’t Light Up Your Environment with Old Light Bulbs

light bulbs in a rowFinally, the dishes are done, the kids are in the bed and your spouse is watching TV. You grab your latest book, tuck yourself into your favorite chair, turn on the light and POP! The light bulb blows out. Dang! Thank goodness your have a spare but what do you do with the old light bulb. You may want to think twice before lobbing it into the trash.

Different types of light bulbs require different kinds of disposal methods. Some light bulbs contain potentially hazardous materials. Read our light bulb list below to get savvy on how to dispose properly of your old bulbs.

Incandescent light bulbs contain non-toxic materials

They may not contain toxic substances but they are also not very energy efficient. Most people are replacing them with the newer, energy-efficient CFL’s and LED’s. And although incandescent bulbs do not contain toxic materials, most recycling centers will not accept them. Here’s a tip – hang onto the box the bulbs came in and when a bulb burns out, mark the bulb and put it back in the box. When the box is filled with old bulbs put them in the kitchen trash. The box will help keep the bulbs from breaking.

Halogen light bulbs contain halogen gas.

Halogen lights make great flood lights. You will find these outside of garages, carports, front doors and commercial buildings. Since they do contain halogen gas, most recycling companies will not take them. So, just like the incandescent bulbs, you can put them in the trash in a box or double bag them to prevent broken glass from injuring someone.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury.

These are those spiral bulbs you’ve been purchasing to make you feel more energy efficient. If they stay intact, the CFL’s are safe. It’s when they get tossed into the trash and break that they release harmful mercury into our environment. Mercury in the environment means big problems. Places such as Ikea and Home Depot will take old CFL bulbs back if purchased from their store. If that is not an option, go to http://search.earth911.com/ to find the closest CFL recycling center in your area.

If a bulb does get broken in your home( I had two boys so I know about breakage) follow these safety steps:

• Don protective gloves, a face mask, and clothing to guard yourself against the mercury.
• Make sure you get all the broken pieces and place them in a sealed container.
• Take the broken light bulb to your closest recycling site/ home improvement store.

Fluorescent bulbs (those long tubes that light your kitchen, basement, garage and closets) also contain mercury.

LED Lights contain nickel, lead and some arsenic.

Scary right? Not really, as long as these bulbs are disposed of properly they are safe and the good news, 95% recyclable. So, don’t toss them into the trash. Use the above website or google the closest recycling center in your area.

R & R Container Service probably can’t help you with your light bulb disposal but they can take care of your big hauling jobs. Visit their website to check out the professional and friendly services of the brightest roll-off container company in Acworth, GA.

Backyard Renovations in Acworth, GA

Backyard renovations in Acworth, GA – so that you can have the best get-togethers in the neighborhood.

backyard get-together in Acworth, GA

It is summer. Time for grilling and backyard get-togethers. But before you throw another shrimp on the barbie that rusty swing set, defunked pool (that is now home to 200 frogs), a falling-down deck and other discarded toys and structures have to go.

Recently, I watched a neighbor do just that. He turned his overstuffed backyard into a beautifully, landscaped area with so much more room. He brought in a Bobcat to help with the removal of an above ground pool and surrounding deck. He rented two roll-off containers. One to carry away the pool and wood from the decking and another for dirt and stone dust. Lastly, he leveled the yard.

The Bobcat made easy work of the pool and deck. It was the layer of stone dust at the base of the pool that gave him the biggest fits. Stone dust is very fine and a great way to level uneven surfaces for walkways and pools. But because it is so fine water tends to accumulate and not to drain. Several times the Bobcat got stuck and he would have to pump out the water before all the stone dust could be removed.

The stone dust had been a problem on more than one occasion for this homeowner. With the massive amounts of rain that befell GA over the winter the water had nowhere to drain around the pool. Water leaked in the basement. Fortunately, the basement wasn’t finished so there was no damage. If it had been he might have had to rent another roll-off container to haul off damaged carpets and furniture. And of course there is the issue of mold. Very nasty stuff that can cause severe health problems.

If you have used stone dust in your yard check for standing water!

Once the man’s yard was cleared and grated his wife stepped in and planted a wonderful garden. They bought a huge grill and invited us over for a fun backyard get-together.

I think I’ll call R & R Container Services to have them drop off a dumpster. There is a rusty tramboline and an old shed that needs to be removed from my yard so that I can keep up with the Jones’ and make more room for grilling and backyard get-togethers this summer.

The She Shed in Acworth, GA

Designing the Perfect She Shed in Acworth, GA

she shed

I’ve heard the expression “man cave”, a place where men drink and eat too much and hang everything from fish mounts to girlie calendars on the walls. Last week I found the Yin to this Yang – the she shed. A place of relaxation and comfort where a woman can go to read a book or share a glass of wine with a bestie. Sound interesting? Read on…

The internet abounds with ideas for design and decorating she sheds. Do some research to find what truly appeals to your taste and style. A trendy design is the greenhouse effect with wall to wall windows and skylights. Another look is rustic, with less windows and a simple stained, wood interior.

Whatever you decide, let your she shed be all yours.

If you already have an existing shed that just needs cleaning out, rent a roll-off container to help you cart away the clutter and junk. If you have to build a shed there are a couple of different options.

Most home improvement stores have pre-fab sheds that they will deliver and install for you. Or you can order a ready-made kit online and ensemble it yourself. Of course, if you are Handy-Andy you can truck down to the local lumber store and buys what you need to build the she shed from scratch. Lowes has a simple video to help you build your own shed.

If you are building a new structure you might want to check with the county about permits or restrictions. My husband’s theory is to do first and ask forgiveness later, but I am more of a worrier and want to know ahead of time the dos and don’ts.

Next, get out the paint brush and paint. Whether you’re freshening up an existing structure or you’ve just finished putting in the last screw from a kit, you’ll want the space to have a fresh coat of paint. A lot of she sheds are painted all white to help illuminate the small area but there is no law written to say you can’t pick any color, design or texture that suits your fancy.

With the fresh paint drying, it’s time to furniture shopping. What are you going to use your she shed for? This will help you decide the furniture you will need. Is this going to be your reading room? If so you will need a comfy chair and lots of shelves. Or a place to hang with girlfriends? In that case you will need a few comfy chairs and a coffee table. Maybe, you want to use it as an office? Look for a small desk that will fit by a window.

Next step? Enjoy. You’ve worked hard to make the perfect she shed. Now it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book or glass of wine. Oops, don’t forget to schedule pick up for the roll-off container at 770-975-9554! After all, you don’t want it blocking the view from your lovely new window.

New Homeowner in Acworth GA

Congratulations, You Are Now a New Homeowner in Acworth GA

picture of a home with a foreclosure sign in the front yard

But oh boy, it was a foreclosed home and you now have to put in a good amount of hard work before you can move in. Still, you have your home, at an affordable price, in a neighborhood that you like. So, let’s make a plan.

First, it is probably a good idea to get it inspected. A typical home inspection will include checking for termites or rodents, water quality, wiring, plumbing issues, mold and anything having to do with the septic tank.

Next, you will want to do a major cleaning. If there is trash, furniture or any sort of remnants from the previous owner you will want to rent a roll-off container to haul away the clutter. If you do need to rent a container, check the carpets, roofing, and dry wall and take in account any other major construction jobs that need to be done so that you only have to rent a roll-off container once and that you order the size container you will need for all the jobs!

Once the rooms are empty you can start wiping, mopping sweeping and disinfecting all surfaces, walls, floors, vents and AC ducts. Who would want to live in a house with other people’s cooties?

If you can afford it, invest in new carpeting. Otherwise, get your carpets professional cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners do a much deeper, thorough cleaning then a rental cleaner from a home improvement store.

If you are going to paint, shop around for the paint at a couple of different paint stores. If you can get the same paint for half the price that’s extra money in your pocket for something else!

The most important part of purchasing your first foreclosed home is to be proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for making a sound investment.

If you have recently bought a home in the Marietta GA area and need to rent a roll-off container contact R & R Services. You can’t beat their prices or friendly, professional staff.

Roll-Off Container vs a Bagster?

Roll-Off Container vs a Bagster – lets talk trash

R & R Containers logo and image

You just finished a remodeling project. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. But what do you do with the moderate amount of debris that is too much to put in your weekly trash and a tad unsightly piled up outside of your garage? Should you buy a Bagster and have Waste Management pick it up or rent a roll-off container from a local container service?

Let’s compare purchasing a 3 cubic yard Bagster with renting a small roll-off container.

Keep in mind this is not an apples to apples comparison. A small roll-off container can hold 3 times the amount more than a 3 cubic yard Bagster. Generally, the smallest roll-off container you can rent is 10 cubic yards. So this comparison represents real life options.

The Bagster –

It is a small portable 3 cubic yard bag made of tough woven material.

The small size of the Bagster is its biggest drawback. The Bagster is only a good choice if you have 3 cubic yards or less of debris. Most Bagster style containers are 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 feet 6 inches in height or around 600 gallons. If you have large bulky items like a couch or bed they are not going to fit very well. The bag can hold up to 3,300 lbs. of debris (provided it meets all other size/fill requirements).

You must buy the bag and it is good for one use only. The Bagster is available at most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes and online at Amazon.

The Bagster will run you around $30.00. The larger cost is the pick-up. Though it varies a great deal from city to city, you are probably looking at $150.00 to $200.00. In major cities it can go as high as $350.00 for a single pick-up.

But keep in mind that just because the bag is small and portable doesn’t mean you can place it anywhere. It needs to be placed in an area where Waste Manage can snag it with their crane and truck. Waste Management also needs a minimum of 20 feet overhead clearance. If they need to pull into your driveway make sure it is at least 12 feet wide.

Of course, leaving a Bagster on your lawn for weeks or even days will kill the grass underneath, which makes the driveway a better option.

Once you have disposed of your trash you can call Waste Management to schedule a pick-up.

Roll-off Containers –

Roll-off containers are available nationwide. All you have to do is contact a reliable company servicing your area to learn about their rental policies. Set up delivery, fill your container and call to schedule a pick-up.

The rental period included with the price varies by each company, but 7 to 14 days is common.

A small roll-off container price range (including delivery and pickup) is normally $150 to $500. With such a wide price range across the US, you really need to get prices specific to your local area.

A small container is about 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 feet tall. A much better option than a Bagster if you have bigger, bulkier items to toss.

Generally, the container can hold from 1 ton to 3 tons of debris.

Roll-off container placement is normally in your driveway or possibly in an alley or on the street. Some cities prohibit containers on the street or require a special permit. Ask your roll-off container service for advice.

And don’t be surprised if the stuff you want to get rid of multiplies after you have the bag or the container. Getting rid of construction debris and house hold clutter is almost always contagious. One motto to live by is “go big or go home” and contact R & R Container Service for all your hauling needs.

Remodeling your Kitchen

Basic steps for remodeling your kitchen without breaking the bank or your patience level.

a kitchen being viewed through a hand scope

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a major event for many homeowners. It takes careful planning, a big helping of patience and the money from under the mattress. But do not fret, a month without a working kitchen is well worth the cost and disruptions. Just stick to these basic steps and you’ll learn how to remodel a kitchen on a budget that fits your needs.

First, the fun part. Open up your browser and start cruising home improvement sites and Pinterest boards. Create a new folder in your “bookmarks” and start hitting that save button. Some of my best ideas have come while looking over what other’s had done.

Plus, the more ideas you come across the more you’ll be able to pin point what you do want for your new kitchen look and what you don’t want. Keep in mind your existing floor plan. If your budget won’t allow major changes stick to ideas that will fit the area you have to work with.

Once you have the basic concept for your new kitchen, start punching numbers. The numbers don’t have to be exact. A ball park figure with a ceiling will suffice and allow you to get started and give a licensed contractor something to go by.

Now is the time to call on friends, family and colleagues. There is a contractor out there for just about every area of remodeling, from masonry to cabinetry to overseeing the entire job itself. Your task is to find the best professional to carry out your plans. Word of mouth carries a lot of weight in my book. If someone comes highly recommended and with reasonable prices they are defiantly worth further investigating.

Your next step is to draw up the plans, with the main focus on figuring out the layout of the room as opposed to the aesthetics. Where will the appliances go so that they are geometrically correct and will the center island work? This will also give the contractors an idea of the work ahead so that they can give you an estimate.

Once the plans are drawn up and you’ve chosen a contractor for the remodeling job, draw up a contract that outlines a timetable for the work and establishes a payment schedule. The normal payment schedule provides 10% upfront, 25% at three-stage intervals throughout the remodeling job and the last 15% upon completion of the project. You can find a good example of what a contract should entail online.

If you are planning to stay put while the kitchen is being remodeled you might want to set up a temporary kitchen in another room. Nothing fancy, just an area for preparing small meals. You can either invest in a mini-fridge or ice cooler for perishables. Use paper plates, plastic silverware and cups. Keep a supply of crackers, bread, peanut butter, nuts and other easy foods handy. Stop by your favorite take-out restaurant when the peanut butter loses its appeal.

As the dust settles, check out your gloriously remodeled kitchen and tick off the items that have been completed, and make notes of what still needs attention. Everything that was agreed to in the contract should be completed before your contractor receives final payment.

And make sure to order your roll-off container to remove debris leftover from your kitchen remodel. R & R Container Services can answer all of your container questions and help you select the one that is right for your job!