Backyard renovations in Acworth, GA – so that you can have the best get-togethers in the neighborhood.

backyard get-together in Acworth, GA

It is summer. Time for grilling and backyard get-togethers. But before you throw another shrimp on the barbie that rusty swing set, defunked pool (that is now home to 200 frogs), a falling-down deck and other discarded toys and structures have to go.

Recently, I watched a neighbor do just that. He turned his overstuffed backyard into a beautifully, landscaped area with so much more room. He brought in a Bobcat to help with the removal of an above ground pool and surrounding deck. He rented two roll-off containers. One to carry away the pool and wood from the decking and another for dirt and stone dust. Lastly, he leveled the yard.

The Bobcat made easy work of the pool and deck. It was the layer of stone dust at the base of the pool that gave him the biggest fits. Stone dust is very fine and a great way to level uneven surfaces for walkways and pools. But because it is so fine water tends to accumulate and not to drain. Several times the Bobcat got stuck and he would have to pump out the water before all the stone dust could be removed.

The stone dust had been a problem on more than one occasion for this homeowner. With the massive amounts of rain that befell GA over the winter the water had nowhere to drain around the pool. Water leaked in the basement. Fortunately, the basement wasn’t finished so there was no damage. If it had been he might have had to rent another roll-off container to haul off damaged carpets and furniture. And of course there is the issue of mold. Very nasty stuff that can cause severe health problems.

If you have used stone dust in your yard check for standing water!

Once the man’s yard was cleared and grated his wife stepped in and planted a wonderful garden. They bought a huge grill and invited us over for a fun backyard get-together.

I think I’ll call R & R Container Services to have them drop off a dumpster. There is a rusty tramboline and an old shed that needs to be removed from my yard so that I can keep up with the Jones’ and make more room for grilling and backyard get-togethers this summer.