Clean Up Before the Holidays with a Roll-Off Container – tis the season.

Christmas TreeMy favorite time of the year – winter holidays and all the family traditions. I always loved stringing the lights, the smell of baking pies and cookies, candles burning and holiday songs that filled the radios and stores. Another tradition in our house was to clean out toys and house hold items to make room for new things.

My parents purposely packed all the Christmas decorations to the back of the attic. They knew that this meant we would have to pull out everything else to reach them. We called it spring cleaning in December and I have to admit it was a pretty good system.

All families, big and small hoard things over the course of a year. Clothes we have outgrown, broken toys and kitchen gadgets, a spare TV or bed that is still good but no longer in use or maybe needs just a little tweaking to fix it up.

We had a big family and always had tons of visitors and relatives staying with us over the holidays. It is hard to put up Aunt Joan in the spare bedroom when it is packed with a years’ worth of detritus. So, once we had tackled the attic we moved on to closets and the spare bedroom.

My parents were big on us having to clean out our toy boxes. If we wanted Santa to come we had to give a trash bag size load of toys and games to the local shelter. I was always amazed at how many toys still remained once I filled up my “give bag”.

My family still follows my parent’s pre-Christmas clean up system with one difference. We can’t just haul everything to the street making unsightly pile for trash pick-up. It doesn’t work that way anymore – instead of a clean house and curb we would have a curb littered with unwanted items and a ticket from the city. I could probably haul it to the dump but that would take several trips. It is much easier to have a roll-off container delivered to my door.

When the roll-off container arrives we tote out all the old items and call the company when we are finished. It is economical, easy and oh so rewarding to have a clean, non-messy house for all those Holiday guests.

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