Container Diving – one of the coolest reasons to rent a Roll-off container.

gold jewelry from dumpster diving

Do you need to re-decorate an apartment? Get some new clothes? Buy a wedding ring? What would you say, if I was to inform you that you can do this all for free?

Well, you can. All you need is to lower your pride, get a strong stomach and a good dumpster. It’s estimated a full-time container diver could pull in $250,000 a year.

Thing’s you’ll find on your expedition:


Do you need new furniture? Instead of spending lots of money on brand new couches, simply wait outside a Rooms To Go, or any other furniture store and wait for them to bring you it for free!

Often though, many home decor stores destroy their merchandise before throwing it out, but most often it’s a quick fix if you’ve got the right tools! (I’d try waiting outside a repair shop)

Self-Storage facilities often prove very useful for home decor, most of the time people simply don’t have the space for that couch, mattress or old vacuum cleaner. But you do!


Do you have that one really tasteless aunt? Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Gives you that terrible sweater every year on Christmas. This time, you can find something truly amazing, just for her.

Seriously though, there are always a lot of cool things being thrown away, some make excellent gifts!


Container divers are a very welcoming community, you’ll often run into people and gain the occasional friend!


People are not the only thing that appreciate free stuff, you’ll often run into raccoons, possums and sometimes bears! (Remember that aunt I was talking about previously? This is the gift I would recommend.

Not all wildlife are harmful, but if you find a container that is inhabited already, best be left alone. Not everyone can be as nice as the container diving community.


This is pretty obvious, but before you go dumpster diving, you’ll find mostly trash, I’d recommend staying away from restaurants and hair salons. Those places can be pretty revolting.

Here are some final tips and advice before you go though:

  • Invest in some good boots and gloves.
    Leave the dumpster cleaner than you found it.
    Don’t break into locked containers!

So what are you waiting for? It’s free and you might just find yourself finding something worth millions! Visit R and R Container Service today to get your roll-off container to start your new career.