Dumpster bags vs container rentals – to bag or not to bag that is the question.

trash bag breaking - overfilled. Since dumpster bags are rather cheap and lightweight, it might leave you thinking that dumpster bags are the way to go. However this is not always the case.

Dumpster bags are awesome for small, lightweight projects or a quick cleanup. If you’re going to be doing a big renovation, moving or using it for solids. (i.e. Bricks, Rocks, Concrete etc.) A dumpster bag will not be the best option. Most of the time, the company won’t be able to lift the bags because of the weight and bulk of the load, leaving you with a dumpster bag that you might even have to pay for because they can’t lift it. This could lead to a failed pickup attempt by the waste company leaving you where you started. Trying to find somewhere to put all this waste! If this is the case, you will be paying much more than if you had just originally rented a dumpster.

Here the pros and cons to using a dumpster bag:

Dumpster Bag Pros:
• Great for small projects/light material
• You can rent them for as long as you need too
• Looks a lot cooler.

Dumpster Bag Cons:
• They are only good for small projects/light materials
• They have roughly 20% less room than our 15 yard dumpsters
• They’ll have to be placed near a street or a wide area
• Not very sturdy and can easily topple over spilling the contents
• Slow pickups.

Container Rental Pros:
• Very easy to find the right size for your project
• We’ll accept almost any household waste (see our article on what you can and can’t throw into a dumpster!)
• Very fast delivery, most of the time being able to get to your property within 24-48 hours!
• Cost effective

Container Rental Cons:
• Absolutely none!

While dumpster bags have a purpose, it is indeed a very small one. Most of the time the better option is to just rent a roll off container. Or you might risk having to buy that ripped dumpster bag!