Georgia mourns when a fetus is found in the Trash!

As I searched for a topic to blog about I saw story after story about this incident. Being a member of the waste disposal community and a member of a larger community of mothers, this story strikes close to home. I have read several articles about the recent discovery of landfill workers finding a fetus in their recycling sort. Truthfully, this is so incredibly hard to wrap my head around I am almost speechless; which is tough because I am a writer. I simply can not ignore this story. | Chattanooga News, Weather

The highlight is the outpouring of the community to want to reach out to the woman who felt it necessary to make this decision. I do appreciate the stance of law enforcement to focus their attention on the well being of the mother. This is a tragedy that a woman would feel so lost and alone that she would have to make a choice like this. The pure depression of the miscarriage itself or what ever the actual story may be is a sign that we need to care for each other more and reach into the lives of the less fortunate to be sure they know they are loved.

I am not going to glamorize this I will simply say, I pray for you, Miss, where ever you are and I send love and blessings to you in hopes that you are comforted by the love you need in this time.