How to keep your Roll-off Containers Bug Free because no one likes creepy crawlies around their home or business.

Raccoon in roll-off container

Commercial dumpsters seem to be magnets for roaches, buzzing flies, maggots, and other bugs. A few insects can’t be helped, but when it turns into a down right infestation it can become a health hazard. And worse, when your roll-off container becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of creepy crawlies they can carry over to businesses and nearby homes.

Here’s how to keep your containers bug free and smelling better –

Set garbage rules. If food or other bug friendly items go into the dumpster make sure it is bagged tightly. Ask anyone else who is using the dumpster to do the same. In between scheduled pick-ups hose down the area around the container with antibacterial sprays. If your roll-off container is not being swapped out for a new container, periodically, use a pressure washer to keep goo from building up on both the inside and outside.

Place your roll-off container at least 50 feet away from buildings or doorways. Trim any overhanging branches that would make it easy for critters to go dumpster diving. Make sure there are no boxes or other debris piled up around the dumpster that could be a breeding ground for bugs.

Don’t let the trash in your container spill over. Keep it well contained inside the dumpster. Flies just love to breed in rotting garbage. Place a friendly sign on the container to keep people from using your dumpster for their household trash. Try to keep the lid and sliding doors closed.

There are many safe insecticides on the market today that you can spray around the roll-off container to keep the bugs at bay and not harm pets or the environment.

Having a roll-off container onsite makes waste management much easier, but it does require a little attention. As new insect and vermin viruses are discovered, many roll-off container renters taking bug control more seriously. Following these simple tips, can maintain any size container and reduce the risk of too many creepy crawlies.

Plus, your container area will look better and not stink to high-heaven in the dog days of summer.

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