It is one of R & R Containers biggest pet peeves – Georgia litter bugs!


Litter drastically affects the environment for years to come. So, before you uncaringly toss another cup or wrapper out the window or look the other way when someone else does, think about the impact it makes on our environment.

Litter on the ground comes in all types of plastic bags, cigarette butts, old tires, fast food bags, clothes, aluminum cans and glass bottles.

“Georgia’s Adopt-A-Highway Program enlists citizen volunteers’ help to remove litter from state roadsides. While saving taxpayer dollars, the program provides recognition for participating companies and organizations, brings the environmental and monetary costs of littering into public awareness, and promotes civic responsibility and pride. The volunteers of the Adopt-A-Highway program serve as visible reminders to the public that we are all stewards of the land. “

In 2001 the GA DOT maintenance crews picked up over 2 million bags of trash from highways and interstates. But it’s not just motorists causing roadside clutter. Commercial trucks are also responsible for the trash lining roadways from unsecured loads.

This spring starts the first phase of a two year 13. million GA DOT contract to clean up our roads. According to the Highway Department, this contract comes under new annual sustainable routine maintenance investment from the Transportation Funding Act (TFA) of 2015. (1)

And though this is great job security for the GA DOT it is not so promising for the thousands of wildlife, farm animals and pets injured every year from dumped trash.

Objects like rubber bands can be swallowed by birds and get caught around the necks of animals. Broken bottles can cause serious skin tears. Animals who crawl into plastic bags can smother or if the bags are ingested animals can choke.

Plus, trash is a health hazard. Rubber tires will leach toxins into the ground. Abandoned mattresses can grow mold and old food can grow bacteria and other viruses.

The bottom line, don’t be a litter bug! You don’t have to be a fanatic Green machine either. Keep a trash bag in your car and every time you stop for gas empty the bag in one of several conveniently placed trash cans around the pumps.

For larger items like tires, household appliances, mattresses and construction material call R & R Container Services at 770-975-9554. They can help you safely and in an environmentally friendly way dispose of unwanted items.