Congratulations, You Are Now a New Homeowner in Acworth GA

picture of a home with a foreclosure sign in the front yard

But oh boy, it was a foreclosed home and you now have to put in a good amount of hard work before you can move in. Still, you have your home, at an affordable price, in a neighborhood that you like. So, let’s make a plan.

First, it is probably a good idea to get it inspected. A typical home inspection will include checking for termites or rodents, water quality, wiring, plumbing issues, mold and anything having to do with the septic tank.

Next, you will want to do a major cleaning. If there is trash, furniture or any sort of remnants from the previous owner you will want to rent a roll-off container to haul away the clutter. If you do need to rent a container, check the carpets, roofing, and dry wall and take in account any other major construction jobs that need to be done so that you only have to rent a roll-off container once and that you order the size container you will need for all the jobs!

Once the rooms are empty you can start wiping, mopping sweeping and disinfecting all surfaces, walls, floors, vents and AC ducts. Who would want to live in a house with other people’s cooties?

If you can afford it, invest in new carpeting. Otherwise, get your carpets professional cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners do a much deeper, thorough cleaning then a rental cleaner from a home improvement store.

If you are going to paint, shop around for the paint at a couple of different paint stores. If you can get the same paint for half the price that’s extra money in your pocket for something else!

The most important part of purchasing your first foreclosed home is to be proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for making a sound investment.

If you have recently bought a home in the Marietta GA area and need to rent a roll-off container contact R & R Services. You can’t beat their prices or friendly, professional staff.