Summer thunderstorm season is here

The heat of summer is here, and while that means ice cream and BBQ, it also means that strong summer storms are on the way. When it comes to summer storm preparation, there are some strategies you can employ ahead of time to make your home less vulnerable to storm damage. However, after the big storms roll through, there’s always going to be clean up to be done. R&R Containers offers both junk hauling services for smaller quantities of debris, and roll off container rentals for large scale clean ups.

Lightning strike pictured. Roll off container rentals for summer storm damage

Thunderstorms cause an immense amount of damage.

Each year, around 16 million thunderstorms occur globally. At any given moment, 2000 thunderstorms are causing injuries or damage somewhere on Earth. In the US in 2016, thunderstorms caused over $3.7 billion in property damage, not including tornadoes, hurricanes or tropical storms, or any associated flooding. (1)

Let’s take a look at some tips for minimizing the impact of summer thunderstorms on your home and property:

  • Falling trees – falling trees and tree branches are one of the most common causes of property damage during a summer thunderstorm. They can also be a threat to life and limb, albeit less frequently. Before storm season arrives, inspect trees around your property, paying particular attention to any that might be dead, rotted, infested with insects, or otherwise vulnerable to high winds. Depending on the degree of the problem, the tree may need to be trimmed or removed.
  • Drainage – make sure your gutters are clear so they can handle a heavy downpour if one arrives. If there are areas on your property that collect water, now is a great time to improve your drainage before the ponds form. Likewise, make sure all ditches and culverts are clear to keep potential floodwaters moving away from any structures.

Check back soon for Preparing for and cleaning up after summer storms, part 2! In the meantime, check out our page on roll off container rentals.

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