Tips from R & R Container Services on how to keep your neighborhood safe.

children playing in a safe street in a safe neighborhood.Do you remember growing up in a neighborhood were you could run free after school, on the weekends and all day during summer vacation without anyone worrying? It seems those days of playing with neighborhood friends, exploring the woods that boarders your house or riding your bike for countless miles with only the worry of making sure you were home in time for dinner are now a thing of the past. Today’s parents have had to change the rule book. It is imperative we know where and with whom our children are with at all times. But have you ever stopped to think that your neighborhood could be a safe place to live if you get all your neighbors involved? Start now, following these easy steps, to bring your neighborhood back to the Andy Griffith Days.

Form a neighborhood watch program

Enlist a group of neighbors who are interested in putting a neighborhood watch program together and make each one responsible for certain tasks. It could be as simple as knowing what times the kids walk to the bus stop in the afternoon and morning, where neighbors park their cars or appointing a neighbor who stays at home during the day to look out for strange or unusual activities. Plan monthly meetings and ask everyone to attend so that everyone can be kept abreast of what is going on in the neighborhood.
Ask your local sheriff’s office if someone can attend your first meeting. They can provide guidelines and helpful information for your area and help train individuals involved in the group.

Get to know your neighbors

While it may not be as simple as it once was to know all your neighbors like your parents did, at least know their names and who their children are, have talks with them about the neighborhood, or even become friends. This will go a long way to gaining trust. If you are going out of town let your neighbor’s, who you trust, know so that they can monitor your home for any unusual activity. These same neighbors’ homes can also be a safe haven for your children in case of emergency.

Practice street safety

If children in your neighborhood often play in the street or in a driveway, set up “Children at Play” signs where they are visible to traffic. This will let drivers know to be cautious and slow down. The signs can also serve as markers to let the kids know where the safe boundaries are. The neighborhood watch program can let the neighbors know that speeding is dangerous and unacceptable and to be extra cautious around the signs!

Get emergency contact numbers

If an accident does happen in the neighborhood, make sure your kids know the emergency numbers of trusted neighbors, besides 911.

Keep the neighborhood clean

What a better way to get to know your neighbors than to have a cleanup block party. Rent a roll-off container for the weekend and ask everyone to participate in operation cleanup. You can host a BBQ at the end and award silly prizes for the most trash collected or the most unique piece of trash found. Not only will you have a safe neighborhood but you will have a clean one as well.