Rent a roll-off container for your New Year’s resolution – out with the old and in with the new!

2016 spelled out with flowersIt’s approaching the New Year. What is your New Year’s resolution going to be? Are you going to lose weight, exercise more, spend quality time with your family or better yet, clean out your home and office to kick off 2016?

What better way to start your New Year by hauling off all the unwanted items in the basement, attic, junk room or garage. Though the job may seem daunting, the payoff will be well worth the effort. Not to mention, if you work with an awesome roll-off container company the work is already half done for you.

And if you still need motivation for tackling the clutter here you go!

  • When you are surrounded by clutter at home or at the office, you can’t focus on what needs to be done. You are focused on the mess and piles of unwanted items and now you have guilt!
  • Old, unused items tend to collect dust and develop mold. Neither of which are good for your health.
  • The longer you put off the clean-up the more unwanted items you will collect, making the job even harder when you finally do get around to operation clean house.
  • You went overboard this Holiday Season with gifts for your wife and kids and now you REALLY need to make more room or everyone will be living in the dog house.
  • Remember the poor dumpster divers! They need to make a living as well. That old coffee table might be snatched up, refurbished and sold as a new treasure.

Are you inspired now to air out the sashes and clean up the clutter? The best place to get started is to visit R & R Container. They will provide a roll-off container to meet your needs, eliminating endless trips to the dump and the cost of dozens of trash bags.

Get started today with a 12 or 15 cubic foot roll-off container from R & R Container Services. We service customersin Cobb and Paulding County, as well as Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock and Bartow, GA. We provide services within a 20-25 mile radius of Acworth, GA where we are based.