Roll-off Container Rental for old books – when it’s time to donate and when it’s time to dump.

used hardbacks and paperback books.We all have a few books taking up space on our shelves, coffee tables, bathrooms, bedside tables and kitchen counters or if you are like me, every nook and cranny jammed packed; cook books, school books, history books, how to books etc., etc., etc.

Books don’t have an expiration date. They can be reread over and over, and to some people, the educational value books hold are nearly sacred. But what should you do with them when you no longer want them?

You could throw them away. Or, a much better option would be to find someone who would love to take them off your hands.

Here are some things to do with books you no longer want.

Donate books.

The best scenario as opposed to tossing them into a dumpster would be to donate them to places like Goodwill, hospice and Salvation Army. They are always willing to take books. Or try looking around your town, maybe there’s a homeless shelter where you could drop them off!

Selling books.

You could try selling your books, who knows? It might be worth a lot of money. Did you know the first print of “The Cat in the Hat” sold for over $1,500? There might always be a hidden gem in your bookshelf.

Converting books.

Have you ever seen those secret agent movies where they tip a certain book and the whole wall turns around to reveal a secret room? That’s pretty cool, wish we were doing that today. What I’m talking about is cutting a hole in the book to store stuff, like money, jewelry or your secret agent diary.

Turn a book into a kindle cover.

Let’s be honest, you’re probably getting rid of old books because of a kindle or other electronic device. But you can still be holding your favorite book while you read! Just measure the size of your tablet, then cut a hole in the book that size, glue all the paper together and shazam! You have yourself a kindle cover.

Throwing away books.

If your books have water damage or mold, or are in very bad shape, it might just be best to retire them. If you check with neighbors or friends, they may also have books that need to go to the great reading place in the sky. Pick a day for everyone to drop off the books at your house. Call R & R Container Service and have them drop off a roll-off container the exact size you will need to haul away damaged books. But check those edition dates! You never know when you might have the million dollar book going out with the trash.