Roll-Off Container vs a Bagster – lets talk trash

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You just finished a remodeling project. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. But what do you do with the moderate amount of debris that is too much to put in your weekly trash and a tad unsightly piled up outside of your garage? Should you buy a Bagster and have Waste Management pick it up or rent a roll-off container from a local container service?

Let’s compare purchasing a 3 cubic yard Bagster with renting a small roll-off container.

Keep in mind this is not an apples to apples comparison. A small roll-off container can hold 3 times the amount more than a 3 cubic yard Bagster. Generally, the smallest roll-off container you can rent is 10 cubic yards. So this comparison represents real life options.

The Bagster –

It is a small portable 3 cubic yard bag made of tough woven material.

The small size of the Bagster is its biggest drawback. The Bagster is only a good choice if you have 3 cubic yards or less of debris. Most Bagster style containers are 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 feet 6 inches in height or around 600 gallons. If you have large bulky items like a couch or bed they are not going to fit very well. The bag can hold up to 3,300 lbs. of debris (provided it meets all other size/fill requirements).

You must buy the bag and it is good for one use only. The Bagster is available at most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes and online at Amazon.

The Bagster will run you around $30.00. The larger cost is the pick-up. Though it varies a great deal from city to city, you are probably looking at $150.00 to $200.00. In major cities it can go as high as $350.00 for a single pick-up.

But keep in mind that just because the bag is small and portable doesn’t mean you can place it anywhere. It needs to be placed in an area where Waste Manage can snag it with their crane and truck. Waste Management also needs a minimum of 20 feet overhead clearance. If they need to pull into your driveway make sure it is at least 12 feet wide.

Of course, leaving a Bagster on your lawn for weeks or even days will kill the grass underneath, which makes the driveway a better option.

Once you have disposed of your trash you can call Waste Management to schedule a pick-up.

Roll-off Containers –

Roll-off containers are available nationwide. All you have to do is contact a reliable company servicing your area to learn about their rental policies. Set up delivery, fill your container and call to schedule a pick-up.

The rental period included with the price varies by each company, but 7 to 14 days is common.

A small roll-off container price range (including delivery and pickup) is normally $150 to $500. With such a wide price range across the US, you really need to get prices specific to your local area.

A small container is about 14 feet wide, 8 feet long and 3 feet tall. A much better option than a Bagster if you have bigger, bulkier items to toss.

Generally, the container can hold from 1 ton to 3 tons of debris.

Roll-off container placement is normally in your driveway or possibly in an alley or on the street. Some cities prohibit containers on the street or require a special permit. Ask your roll-off container service for advice.

And don’t be surprised if the stuff you want to get rid of multiplies after you have the bag or the container. Getting rid of construction debris and house hold clutter is almost always contagious. One motto to live by is “go big or go home” and contact R & R Container Service for all your hauling needs.