What you can and can’t place into roll-off containers?

man in gas mask from toxic wasteNormally, when you rent a dumpster or container you want to use it to its full potential. When you do so, you will feel like you got your money’s worth.  A lot of the times you start tossing things out into your dumpster and you’ll have a huge smile on your face with all the free space. Hold on now, before we go throwing out everything in the house. We need to see what is allowed to be placed inside your roll off container! Just because it is a dumpster doesn’t mean you can throw whatever you want into it. Containers have feelings too.

You have to remember, that whatever you throw in there has to be dealt with somehow! And if you’re using a legitimate company like R & R Container Service they’ll have their own rules to adhere to. Below is a list of items you can and can’t place in a dumpster so that you never find yourself in a bad (and perhaps expensive) situation.

Items you can, and some you probably shouldn’t place inside your roll off containers.

It’s pretty simple and there are definitely way more things you can place in a dumpster then you can’t. So don’t think it’s easier to just not rent a dumpster because you have to pay attention to what you’re putting in it. The rules for a dumpster are no different than for your regular trash can. If it’s hazardous to throw away at home then it’s hazardous to throw away in a dumpster.

Items that can be thrown away in a dumpster include (but are not limited to):

Yard Stuff: leaves, rocks, dirt, wood, etc

Household items: as long as you don’t have any completely toxic furniture, and it doesn’t break any of the rules listed below, you should be fine cleaning out your house!

Construction leftovers: nails, planks, shingles, bricks, old tools, metal.

Furniture: you can almost always put old furniture into dumpsters, that being: old mattresses, sofas, tables, rugs.

Electronics: TVs, lamps, microwaves, computers, ect.

Things you shouldn’t throw into a dumpster:

Home Repair items: Paint, Propane, kerosene.

Gardening tools: herbicides, fertilizer, pool chemicals, pesticides, rodent killer

Household cleaners: drain cleaners, bleach, floor cleaner, ammonia, batteries

Things for your car: antifreeze, gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, radiator cleaner

Things with mercury: fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, thermostats, iodine

Other: radioactive waste, explosives, babies, ammunition, medical waste, asbestos and any other “Special Waste” as defined by applicable Local, State, or Federal laws

Hopefully, knowing what you can and can’t place into a roll-off container will aid in a successful dumpster rental.  Be sure to check with your local government website on the proper ways to dispose of the items roll off container rental companies can’t take.